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  1. Grimracer

    Glow plugs

    os 8 is the best plug have ever used in a 21.. my experience. Grim
  2. Grimracer

    Parts Wanted Futaba DSM Recievers.

    yes.. simple and easy.. the FF will serve you will with the longer antenna. REMEMBER that last 1/2" coax is the part you do not want to bend or damage. I keep mine under the antenna cap and cut off the bottom of a 4in zip tie (maybe 3/4 in or so) and stick that up in to the tube with the...
  3. Grimracer

    Parts Wanted Futaba DSM Recievers.

    Thanks for asking Tom, Futaba first came out with FASST.. they had unique protocols for both surface and air (just like 75 and 72) The FASST chip was NOT a "futaba". Remember they had been doing this for some time in their equipment control system so as i understand it they used that same chip...
  4. Grimracer

    Parts Wanted Futaba DSM Recievers.

    I DO want to help when and if I can. In the end the systems are really no different then the old ones from a usage stand point.. you run your antennas out of the box now.. so thats easy. Non Issue.. Air systems are not compatible with surface systems anyway.. not then not now.. Non issue.. No...
  5. Grimracer

    Parts Wanted Futaba DSM Recievers.

    The FS or FF use he same clip on antenna as the higher end Futaba RXs. No.. no aircraft RXs will work with this system. Grim
  6. Grimracer

    Hey everyone, long time rc enthusiast taking the plunge into boats!

    make sure you stuff A BUNCH of flotation under the deck.. be a shame to loose that one. Grim
  7. Grimracer

    Parts Wanted Futaba DSM Recievers.

    More FSs would be best.. one can use a FF BUT.. install the 400mm antenna on them.. heck.. put them on everything.. Grim
  8. Grimracer


    When I was racing FE I would just recharge the same pack each day for each heat.. at the price and maintanice of all those packs.. I would just get one pack (or whats needed) and kill it in a year or two. I have two sets of battery's for my helicopter, and its the same thing.. My EC145 flys...
  9. Grimracer

    Zippkits starter

    is that switch hanging out of the thing? LOL..
  10. Grimracer

    Wyoming is Fighting Back

    Your right.. I did not get that.. huge difference.. be well.
  11. Grimracer

    Wyoming is Fighting Back

    "I mean, it’s the governments job to do what is best for everyone". well.. this is says allot.. not about my beliefs however.. Do all our Liberal friends feel this way.. please post. Grim
  12. Grimracer

    Parts For Sale OS .21 Outboard / SOLD

    aha.. aha.. aha... dang you!!!! I will take it! Grim
  13. Grimracer

    Wyoming is Fighting Back

    Climate change is REAL, always and forever. HOWEVER the information you are being fed regarding it is political. thinking that we can STOP IT, slow it or adjust it, is complete insanity. (again your being lied to for a political agenda) I cannot.. for the life of me.. understand how people can...
  14. Grimracer

    Wyoming is Fighting Back

    .. look into information regarding ice bore holes... and the climate.. There is a bunch of this info out there..
  15. Grimracer

    3,5 K&B Outboard

    yep.. when my driving is off having a jet engine on the boat and a date with Megan fox after the win can not get me to the finish line! wait........... dont tell my wife I said that......... LOL Hope you are well Alan! Grim
  16. Grimracer

    3,5 K&B Outboard

    I dont modify any of my motors.. I have found that.. in most cases a turbo crank can not make up for a driving mistake. Grim
  17. Grimracer

    Time capsule Dumas

    HOLD MY BEER.. LOL.. I am not embarrassed... i am not embarrassed.. I am............
  18. Grimracer

    Wyoming is Fighting Back