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  1. Rick Sowell


    It's a career if you can become a multi millionair doing it!
  2. Rick Sowell

    My addiction to opids,and the people I hurt

    any updates on this, James posted this in 2018?
  3. Rick Sowell

    KRE 90

    [email protected] from one of his post's signature
  4. Rick Sowell

    Where in the hell is the OFF TOPIC THREAD on the forum?

    NOPE! she is a moderate democrat that thinks you should not own guns. not 2A friendly at all.
  5. Rick Sowell

    Is there an easy way to do this?

    has this boat ever run both tanks near empty? are the tanks set up with the pick-up line in the correct corner of tank?
  6. Rick Sowell

    A great time!

    Bill got a second with his new tunnel? if so that is great.
  7. Rick Sowell

    Graphics for Miss Vegas

    Andrew, I have an original uncut Vegas decal sheet if you want it. let me know.
  8. Rick Sowell

    Hallam Sport 40

    looks like saturday you can be un crazy
  9. Rick Sowell

    Removing graphics from trailer?

    Yes Don I have used this several times to remove decals off the bed-sides of vehicles. 4x4 decals and such. works when the decals have been on a long time and the adhesive is dry making the heat gun method nearly impossible.
  10. Rick Sowell

    Removing graphics from trailer?

    what mikey posted, they work great and don't damage the paint.
  11. Rick Sowell

    How’s about a little color!

    looks good Chris, always liked that color scheme, simple to lay out and clean. nice work!
  12. Rick Sowell


    Is this thread visible to him? might be careful of tipping him off on the plans.
  13. Rick Sowell

    New lathe DRO install.

    Thanks Terry, I will check them out.
  14. Rick Sowell

    New lathe DRO install.

    what brand of scales are those?, they look like they would work on my Grizzly 10x22 lathe
  15. Rick Sowell

    2021 Christmas Giveaway starts now!

    looks like some sampling has been done, it's not completely full. good score!
  16. Rick Sowell

    Pipe wrap

    Tommy tape
  17. Rick Sowell

    Orlic Prop Pitch Sheet

    Tom look right below your post.
  18. Rick Sowell

    JAE .45 CAD File

    the pdf's of the JAE and Keps riggers are here for download-- NE-Stuff
  19. Rick Sowell

    L/F tune pipe tape

  20. Rick Sowell

    Fun Vintage stuff

    I have that Nobler kit nib, nice blast from the past. love the goldberg kits, built many of them.