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  1. Rick Sowell

    when boats and cars meet

    Evinrude 300 2 stroke
  2. Rick Sowell

    How to pay Namba fee without paypal

    I wish there is a way to pay namba without going through paypal. or is there? I will not have anything to do with paypal, so I guess it is snail mail for me.
  3. Rick Sowell

    Happy Birthday Jerry Dunlap

    Happy Birthday JD, hope it's not too wet for you.
  4. Rick Sowell

    S pipe length

    looking for a good starting point for the S pipe, SGX, Nova 21, 7port. what is the go to length? Thanks, Rick
  5. Rick Sowell

    best pipe for CMB 45hr

    looking for the best pipe for a cmb 45hr in a sgx rigger, what is the best one to start with and who is selling them? also I assume I will need a 10 degree header, is this correct? Thanks in advance. Rick
  6. Rick Sowell

    new Jae 21

    Here are some shots of my new Jae 21, going to run it this Saturday at the record trials at Waughop, hope it runs good. Rick I borrowed this color scheme from Don Ferrette, I saw one he had done in these colors and it looked awsome.
  7. Rick Sowell

    waterfowl and boat racing

    just trying to get a general concensus on how your clubs handle waterfowl on the race course, do you clear the course before any boats are lanched for each heat? do you launch boats on the two minute clock and mill the waterfowl out of the way and still try to get in position to make the start...
  8. Rick Sowell

    WTB CMB or Mac45 hydro header

    looking for a new or used header for a CMB or Mac45,this is for a rigger, would like uncut headers if possible. let me know what you have. Thanks Rick
  9. Rick Sowell

    Prop Modifications

    with all of the topics on head mods and timing mods I thought that we need to have a topic on prop modification terms. as a relative new boater (4years) I am starting to get very interested in motor and prop mods and what it takes to make it go faster. I will list some of the things I would like...
  10. Rick Sowell

    Waterfowl and Racing

    I have been wondering how the other districts handle waterfowl on the race course before or during a race. do you start a heat with boats herding the ducks off the course during the mill, or do you make sure the course is clear before any boats are launched? We have had to run close to ducks in...
  11. Rick Sowell

    starter box wiring

    this has probably been posted but a search did not come up with anything, I need a wiring diagram for 12/24 volt starter box with inboard and outboard switch. I am going to upgrade an old box and need some ideas. thanks, Rick
  12. Rick Sowell

    JAE rigger weight

    got mine done and was wondering what weight everyone is coming in at? mine less prop and fuel is 2lb 9.6oz. Nova 12, Texan pipe, all Zipp kit hardware.
  13. Rick Sowell

    OPS 3280 pipe

    where can I get an OPS 3280 pipe, who sells these? let me know, and thanks. Rick
  14. Rick Sowell

    Mac 21 Piston & Rod

    Guy's: I have a Mac 21 that I bought used and would like to know which is the correct way the rod faces when looking in the rear of the case. when I took this apart it had the oil hole in the rod facing the rear, or the rotor end of the case, also the clearence cut in the piston skirt also was...
  15. Rick Sowell

    prop and pipe questions

    couple of questions for the more experienced boaters. the boat is a Bob Tuttle sport 20, Mac 21, AB parabolic, prop is 40/53. I have been having problems with losing speed the longer it runs, will run like stink for about half of a heat and then lose power, tried richen and lean on the needle...
  16. Rick Sowell

    how to measure timing numbers

    I know this has been discussed probably many times but I can't find it in a search, how do I go about measuring my motors timing, in paticular the exhaust timing. I have all the degree wheels and dial indicators and calipers to measure with, so what are the best methods for doing this. Thanks in...
  17. Rick Sowell

    Destroying Glow Plugs

    I need some advice on glow plugs: I have a .12 rigger that is going through plugs almost every run, the plugs are not burned out but are mangled and crushed, what causes this? this boat has a Picco 12 aircooled buggy engine, running 30% fuel, M440 prop, strut bottom even with the rear shoes...
  18. Rick Sowell

    Flex Shaft for a Whiplash

    What size flex shaft are you guy's running for a 20 whiplash? I have .187 with 3/16 stub but this might be over kill for this boat. It will have a Nova 35+21 for power, also do you run the shaft with a liner or without? I was thinking about a .150 with 3/16 stub should be plenty, what is every...