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    5 boat minimum to make a class

    Sara, Please call me 321-231-2898
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    Cool Lil vid from the Gas Nats

    VenomCC Racing FM1 True Sport in action
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    Silent Engines Randy Premo

    This was sad to hear. Great CD, great racer and a great person. RIP Randy.
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    AC Model Boats

    My websites are: Phone # 321-231-2898
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    AC Model Boats

    Ron, I lay up my own rails and transoms out of fiberglass. I don't use carbon fiber.
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    AC Model Boats

    Thanks everyone for the kind words!
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    2 Props for sale

    Octura X457/2 Octura X462/2 $15.00 each shipped US only $25.00 both shipped US only Paypal to: [email protected]
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    New District 3 Director

    Thanks Robert. Look forward to working with everyone in D3. The D3 website has been updated. Check it out and get registered for the new D3 forum.
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    Awesome Weekend! Awesome Race! Thanks CMB!!!!!
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    Gas Twin vs Nitro Twin 2017 Brandon Shootout Video

    It's one I designed and built.
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    Gas Twin vs Nitro Twin 2017 Brandon Shootout Video

    You're welcome. Congrats on your win. It's nice to race against a gentleman.
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    Gas Twin vs Nitro Twin 2017 Brandon Shootout Video

    This is my gas twin racing against the nitro twins in Brandon this past weekend.
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    Twin Shootout District 3

    Thanks to all the Brandon crew for putting on a great race. Mike did a great job calling the race. We had fun racing and hanging out with friends. The twin shootout was a blast. Congrats to Mark on the win. Maybe next year gas will win.
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    State of Affairs for RC Boat Racing

    Cool idea but if boat in lane 1 decides to go long and boat in lane 2 decides to stay oval you have a problem.
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    State of Affairs for RC Boat Racing

    Most of the clubs in NAMBA D3 are going away from half mill but are utilizing the 30 second clock. I prefer the full mill but must admit I've had some fun in run-offs with the half mill. I think changing up the race format would help put the excitement back in racing. I think running 4 heats of...
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    Memorial Service for Dave Miller

    The Memorial Service for Dave is Monday March 7th from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Anyone wanting to attend is welcome. It will be held at Branam Funeral Home 809 N Krome Ave. Homestead, FL. 33030
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    Silent Engines for Dave Miller

    It is with the heaviest of heart to let everyone know that Dave past away yesterday. I spoke to his wife Brandi this morning and she told me that he was at work yesterday when he collapsed after lunch with failed attempts by the paramedics to resuscitate him. Dave was the best in my book. He...
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    V-Tech Thunderboat for Ron Byrd

    Ron's new V-Tech Thunderboat from VenomCC Racing.