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  1. Danny King

    Your First 50 mph/or Faster Patch

    I have spoke with the record director for IMPBA. So IMPBA sent the patches to some clubs or all clubs and it is up to the clubs to issue the patches. I have not received word back on what happens when a club putting on a event doesn’t have any or nvr received any? But at this time the only...
  2. Danny King

    Your First 50 mph/or Faster Patch

    Having been in model boats for a longtime I had never ran at record trials or even the time trials at a internats. But since returning to boats about 8 yrs ago I have been keeping track of my speed and improvement A benefit of technology is built in gps on radios. I have been fortunate to...
  3. Danny King

    Waterproof Receivers

    Same here. Radio boxes can EASILY be made waterproof. And it eliminates taking chances with exposed electronics.
  4. Danny King

    WTB - H-32's

    Sent you a text
  5. Danny King

    Your First 50 mph/or Faster Patch

    Thanks Terry. Maybe. I sent a email to the records director and will update here.
  6. Danny King

    WTB - H-32's

  7. Danny King

    Your First 50 mph/or Faster Patch

    Was told they don’t. I was told it is up to the person(s) putting the event on. I will ask.
  8. Danny King

    Your First 50 mph/or Faster Patch

    Sadly IMPBA doesn’t do patches anymore. Which is sad.
  9. Danny King

    WTB - H-32's

    I have a stainless raw and a beryllium raw. $45 shipped for both.
  10. Danny King

    For Sale - New Seaducer 42” SD3 (60/80)

    Long day Nick???? Lmao
  11. Danny King

    For Sale - New Novarossi 91 with modifications

    The engine is a mid mod heat race set up. It has a Bullard modded carb so it’s a ready to go set up.
  12. Danny King

    Tuned pipe

    That is a 11cc Mac pipe sold by Prather as well as Mac. That’s a great pipe for a k&b 67.
  13. Danny King

    Tuned pipe

    The pipe Richard has is the same pipe Rick recommended. And it is a great pipe for a k&b 67 maybe. Richard what is the ID of the inlet and the ID of the stinger? It could be a 11or a 13cc
  14. Danny King

    Servo operating voltage & battery voltage question

    I can honestly say the only servo I have had a failure with on 6.6 is the hitec 225. They sure seem to not last as long. I run all hitec and it’s the only one. The solution is the digital version. I replace everything with digital now and the reliability and performance is far better.
  15. Danny King

    Picco 67 EXR

    They are the same as Cmb 67/80 Stu Barr (317) 462-9978
  16. Danny King

    Daniel's R/C Starter

    Hey Mark the starter is the same motor as Boris used. IT will start anything you want it to with the battery supplied or 12 volts. There is no reason to use higher voltage. inhave been using one for 3-4 yrs.
  17. Danny King

    SpeedWeek 2020

    That’s awesome
  18. Danny King

    JAE 67/84 build up

    Dave will try anything!!! Glad your back at it.
  19. Danny King

    NEW - Nova Rossi 46size Engine for Sale TO-BE.46 DDA

    Lol. Lucky lucky. It’s all good man.
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