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  1. Russell nelson

    45 rigger

    Hi looking to buy a 45 rigger for my nova 46 Any suggestions on which one to buy works best Kind regards Russell
  2. Russell nelson

    RS 90/101 Case Modification service

    Hi Jeff mate are you from street outlaws you have the same name I have three older cmb engines two purple heads one 100 and the other is two are 90 and gold head how much does it cost I’m in Australia Sydney what is the advantage from the mod Kind regards Russell
  3. Russell nelson

    SGX 21 ready to run - no engine

    Hi mate would you take 250 shipped to Australia
  4. Russell nelson

    Digital Flow Meters For Sale

    Hi Kevin will you ship to Australia
  5. Russell nelson

    Boats for sale, cleaning out the shop.

    Hi mate would u ship to Australia
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