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    WTB Prather or DuBro lightly used K&B 3.5 OB Mount

    Sorry guys , lol , I mean David would you PM me your PP info so I can send you money for 1- 3.5 mtr mount ,, ty Darryl
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    WTB Prather or DuBro lightly used K&B 3.5 OB Mount

    Hi les, Darryl whitman here . Im going to help Marty with this , would you plz PM me your palpay so I can sent you money , 1 #,5 mount , ty darryl
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    SOLD to BZUBEE Tug Boat RTR

    whats the size plz
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    Props For Sale

    Martin, Darryl here I too received the 1657 Prop, thank you,
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    Props For Sale

    hi Martin , Darryl here . did you sent out my 1657 prop yet ?? just checking , thank you,
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    For sale prop tool

    so Steve how much? I may buy it Darryl from cedar rapids Ia,,
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    Novarossi .21 parts

    Did you sell all the parts?? sorry but I dont see any listed..
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    Props For Sale

    I wikk take the 1657 prop plz.. U do Paypal??
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    Props for sale

    thanks Walt,,Darryl
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    Props for sale

    HI Walt I would take , 1815-17-45/2, an 1817-17-45/2 if you still have some ... Darryl
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    Looking for a 45 Bouchie pipe.

    LOL Oh Mikey,, LOL
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    pressure nipples

    thank you Mike .that was a big help... Darryl
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    Looking for a 45 Bouchie pipe.

    eekern I will do 200 for the pipe Im a friend of Butch's ,he would really like to get it.
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    pressure nipples

    Mike who has them ??? do tou know who I can contact ...
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    pressure nipples

    WTB some pressure nipples for nitro pipes. can any one help me plz . point me in the right place, thank you , Darryl
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    Mendota Race

    I had a great time with all you gays , an gal, lol.. also a big thanks to riptide. my first time racing using a clock, that really help me a bunch, I hope to joint you all again in Mendota 2020 , Cathy you did a super job, Godspeed to all , thank U . Darryl Whitman
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    Flysky radios

    the Futaba 4pls is a 4 channel, 3rd is a button an the 4th is a CW/CCW dial I have bound the two channels , works great. I have tried alot of radios an lost boats due to the radio, Futaba is the only brand I trust on water,
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    Battery selection help

    just go with the 2 6s . unless you have another boat that you can use the 3s in, the less connections you have is better.
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    Hi guys !! Tech help needed

    what are you using to connect battery to ESC .I use 6mm bullets, that will help
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