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    To anyone who might know. How to convert gas outboard to electric outboard.

    I am sure that somone in this group has done this before. I might have to replace a 26.5 gas engine with an electric motor on a lower drive unit. I might have to change a gas boat to a electric boat, in order to use a private lake in a private community. It might becom an issue in order to get...
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    Advancements in drive hardware?

    Hello. My name is Lonnie Hyde. I am getting back into the hobby after a very long absence. Before I left the hobby over 20 years ago, some of the boaters were starting to experiment with solid drive shafts and small "U" joints instead of the flex shafts. Did anything develope with this, or did...
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    Hello to all. My name is Lonnie Hyde.

    I just joined your group yesterday. I wanted to do it for a while and yesterday, I decided to do it. I am a retired USAF 1ST, Sgt. I got into boating in 1975. I enjoyed it very much. My military commitments prevented me from continuing. I was a flight engineer for the Air Force for 21 years and...