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  1. David Bryant

    CMB 27GPX

    yeah, it looks like the CMB 27cc "GPX" is the only model using ringless AAC construction. All nitro models are conventional ABC construction, only with updated porting?
  2. David Bryant

    CMB 27GPX

    ah, I get it, thanks
  3. David Bryant

    2022 NAMBA Nationals | October 15-22 | Seaside, CA

    will be great event at a uniquely beautiful location
  4. David Bryant

    CMB 27GPX

    thanks for correcting me. Will the "GPX" imply AAC construction for the .21 Beta, and others as well?
  5. David Bryant

    It's begun, the House of Representative's January 6th Fiasco has started

    exactly! 7. I don’t like the ignorant comments he made about John McCain- (quote): that “he was a war hero because he was captured”. And that "I like people who weren't captured.”(end quote). Calm and casual, with a straight face. You’d be okay with him making such a statement about your...
  6. David Bryant

    CMB 27GPX

    yep, I will watch on the sidelines this time around. But I do expect that it performs well, as I’m sure there has been some significant testing. I’ve never experienced an AAC based engine, so I couldn’t provide any insight. However, Ian Folkson, claims this configuration is better adapted to...
  7. David Bryant

    CMB 27GPX

    Apparently CMB has released a new version of their 27cc gas (petrol) marine engine line- the “27GPX”. Will be available in 2 to 3 weeks, as reported in a Facebook post by “Mr CMB” himself, Elisabetta Braghieri (on June 13, 2022). From the minimal information provided in the single product...
  8. David Bryant

    45 Mono

    interested to see what they look like
  9. David Bryant

    Getting there. Cleaned up and new clear coat.

    Hello Bill: Sorry, I have no OPS .67 marine parts. I only ran the OPS .45 marine. If you wanted, you could message "Max" on the OPS Facebook page (as I mention above), and inquire about OPS parts. I'm pretty sure he has them (especially if you provide him an image of your engine)
  10. David Bryant

    NAMBA Site

    Guess they must be doing maintenance?
  11. David Bryant

    NAMBA Site

    Hello, so I guess the NAMBA site is down right now? (June 1, 2022 @02:00pm PST)
  12. David Bryant

    VP RC Boat Fuel.

    good to know Super Techniplate is still popular
  13. David Bryant

    VP RC Boat Fuel.

    How is Torco RC Marine, Nitro, fuel in comparison?
  14. David Bryant

    VP RC Boat Fuel.

    which Klotz do you run? Super Techniplate?
  15. David Bryant

    Parts For Sale Inboard pipe

    Is that a NovaRossi brand pipe?
  16. David Bryant

    Gas engine ignition timing..

    still need to set the timing on my CMB 27.0cc
  17. David Bryant

    Boats For Sale For sale / trade

    this appears to be a 40" (or 39") Youngblood mono? Very popular, and good running hulls. Would be nice to see a few additional images (ie. the bottom, inside, rear, etc.,....)
  18. David Bryant

    Northwind Style hull

    amazing how small these hulls looks with an engine installed (Picco P45). And to think the "Northwind 40" was designed for a .40 to .65 power-plant. The 40 size hull should measure approx. 32.5" length
  19. David Bryant

    Northwind Style hull

    that thing should fly! You'll probably need to do some (minor) tweaking on the strut angle after initial runs, to adjust ride attitude (keep from flying off the water)