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  1. Grimracer

    Spending some time with my buddy Hot Rod Mart!

    Marty and I go back 50 years now.. his dad bought him this car for 550 bucks when we were seniors in HS. At one time it was a show car.. now a drag car.. Marty built the 4 link and it has a Nova front stub under it. right now it has 402ci with a dominator carb. This day was a test and tune...
  2. Grimracer


    M Ball.. have you used this filament? Store is on 23rd mile I am looking for USA made filament and this one popped up!
  3. Grimracer

    3.5 MOD.. time to jump back in.

    Gang, I have not raced a mod tunnel in MANY years... BUT.. 22 looks like its time to jump back in. (I have been racing my sport tunnel in mod when the class is running).. any how. I have had this CMB RS for MANY years.. Russ raced it back in 08-09 or some time around that and won the WC race at...
  4. Grimracer


    Hey.. where is the west coast BOAT ELF!. I have not seen him in a few years... Dunny.. do you know? Grim
  5. Grimracer

    Boats For Sale Microburst 21 Mono

    Time to send this to a new home. Microburst 21 Mono. Speed Master mount and rudder, shaft is in the boat too.. no radio box.. Bottom is CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN! USA ONLY 200.00 buyer pays shipping. PP FF ONLY. Rockon! Grim
  6. Grimracer

    Parts For Sale FOR SALE (OK.. a bit off topic)

    I dont want to plug up this section BUT.. I am going to sell my drag racing model collection. MOST are NIB (NOT ALL) and I have over 125 models to move. Not sure if this is a good place if at all.. BUT.. wanted to give my racing buddys a shot at some of this before the go to flee bay. I will...
  7. Grimracer

    New Trophy Hunter Video (Firmware update)

    New Video of how to update the firmware on your Futaba radio. Grim
  8. Grimracer

    Forward to the end.. LOL

  9. Grimracer

    Fun day at the WWMAs Blue Beaver Pond (TCMBC Race #2)

    Thanks to the TCMBC for organizing and helping setup this race. Thanks to our land owner for his years of allowing us to play boats on his water. Was the race big... no.. and.. I never heard ONE COMPLANT.. every body had a nice time.. The Pond is in SUPER SHAPE! We will be clearing more brush...
  10. Grimracer

    Setting up the Futaba SBS-01G or 02G GPS sensor

    Gang, I hope this helps some of those having issues setting up there GPS units for model boating. Grim (84) Futaba GPS - YouTube
  11. Grimracer

    Thanks Twin Citys Model Boat Club (TCMBC)

    Thanks TCMBC for a fun race. It was nice to get boats back on the water. Grim
  12. Grimracer

    Futaba 3PM/3PMR antenna support

    Here again is the antenna support that a few have been asking about. 3PM Antenna Support Just thought I would post here as well. Grim
  13. Grimracer

    Fun Vintage stuff

    I have a BUNCH of vintage hobby kits.. parts.. here at Dons Hobby shop... and maybe it's time to share some of that info.. please feel free to post comments and any knolage you might have.. I will try to post something now and then..
  14. Grimracer

    Good times with OLD friends

    Managed to get to the track this weekend. I saw old buddy's I have not seen in almost 40 years. This is in our back yard (as they say) and we are VERY lucky to have this nice a venue around the area.
  15. Grimracer

    FUTABA 3PM and 3PMX

    Men, Does your pencil not have any led in it anymore? Is your antenna shot and not standing erect? Performance anxiety got you down? YOU NOW HAVE A CURE! Grimracer had dug down deep, taken one for the team and has reached around to provide you some relief! Introducing the…. 3PM, 3PMX antenna...
  16. Grimracer

    Radio Setup Tips

    Gang, I made this little video describing how I setup the throttle on my 7PX in my boats. It "MIGHT" be of some value to some.. If not thats OK too. Then if anybody would like to see any other aspects of the radio i would be happy to try to help there as well. Cheers! Grim
  17. Grimracer

    George Pacheco

    George, I am unable to reply to your PM.. I dont know why.. Grim
  18. Grimracer

    DSM and races.. is it time?

    Is it time to call out DSM only at races? Will it ever be time? Could we make it so the signups are DSM and if you run MHZ you do so at your own risk? Not sure any of the above make sense.. Lets have a discussion over it. Grim
  19. Grimracer

    U P Big Boy

    The UP BIG BOY is coming to my town. Here is the route.. make sure to look it up if its coming your way. BTY.. some great videos are starting to surface.. Grim
  20. Grimracer

    Sport 40 and the 2019 IMPBA Internats

    Just thought I would share some regarding the race. The quality of driver, for the most part, was as good as i have seen at a race. VERY skilled group. The water was OK for sport racing. It would have been nice to have better water but in the end it was OK water. The site for the race was as...