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  1. Niklas Edlund

    KEP's T3-45 Freebie

    Finally I had time to finalize the freebie drawings of the KEP's T3-45 rigger. Go to: Note, this is about the "last" giveaway "freebie" rigger project boats I have planned to do. At least for quite some time... Build it. Race it. Enjoy...
  2. Niklas Edlund

    KEP's FE-2S Mini Freebie

    Just knocked out an extra KEP's FE-2S Mini Freebie in similar size as the JAE Mini Sprint. No, I've not built one (yet), it's just drawn to the best specs I can think of. Have fun building! /Niklas KEPs-FE2S-Mini-Freebie-A2-594x420mm.pdf
  3. Niklas Edlund

    KEP's FE-4S P-Open Freebie Drawings

    Just published the KEP's FE-4S P-Open Freebie Drawings. Download. Build it. Have Fun.
  4. Niklas Edlund

    KEP's T3 Freebie

    Ive just uploaded the new Freebie drawings of the KEP's T3-21 Outrigger Nitro Hydro. There will be a T3-45 Freebie also but that wont be ready for publish until a couple of months form now (hopefully). Here is a link for the KEP's FE-4SL...
  5. Niklas Edlund

    New KEP's T2 .21 PDF Freebie (soon)

    KEP's T2 .21 Presentation: KEP's T2 .21 Freebie drawings: Build-series #1: Build-series #2: Build-series #3...
  6. Niklas Edlund

    Pics from NAVIGA 2012 World Champs

    Some pics from the NAVIGA 2012 FSR World Champs in Dessau Germany. Direct link to the Picasa Web album if you dont want to go through the blog...
  7. Niklas Edlund

    Running hardware source Q:s

    I'm looking for tip's / links on good vendors for some top-notch outrigger drive line hardware (as CMD seems not to be an option nowadays). A. Small dia (up to aprox 9 mm / .035") steel drivedog with one or two 5-40 set screws. I have only found Octura that seem to fit the bill but that dog...
  8. Niklas Edlund

    TecnoPower M03-21 Inboard Engine

    Now introducing, the new TecnoPower M03 .21 inboard engine!
  9. Niklas Edlund

    Two New TecnoPower .21 Powerhead Engines

    TecnoPower in Italy presents their first generation "Just Better" marine engines. The new TP M01 and M02 .21's are power-head engines for the O.S. .21XM rig or a Lawless/K&B rig... TP M01 .21 Powerhead Engine 21XM
  10. Niklas Edlund

    UIM F1 H2O GP of Abu Dhabi

    I have just done all the pics from our trip to Abu Dhabi and the F1 H2O GP there (1:1 scale outboard tunnel boats)... It was an awesome trip with perfect weather (in Sweden it was 45 degrees colder), nice nite-life and good racing. :) Photoalbum...
  11. Niklas Edlund

    Set-Up board and AoA charts

    Outrigger set-up board and AoA charts - Measuring AoA the easy way. :) Hope it makes sense... :P
  12. Niklas Edlund

    Carb mods for CMB .21 VAC?

    Hi guys, I tried the new CMB .21 VAC engine this past weekend with no luck. We have for the last two seasons used the Zoom 21 carb for the Valvola and its an absolute dream to use. The stock CMB VAC carb seems to be not so Zoom like if I may say so... I unscrewed the midrange needle so it was...
  13. Niklas Edlund

    Swedish hydro and tunnel nats #1-2010

    This past Saturday-Sunday we raced our first hydro and stock tunnel nats in Eksjö Sweden. Hydro 21: Hydro 45: Hydro 90...
  14. Niklas Edlund

    GAS rigger measurements

    Good evening, Looking for some basic measurements and info on some good gas riggers... 1. Length from transom to trailing edge on front sponsons ride surface. 2. Tub width. 3. Ride hight under the tub belly. 4. Total width of front sponsons ride surface. 5. What props are you using? 6...
  15. Niklas Edlund

    Kep's 21 Freebie Outrigger PDF template drawing

    UPDATE MAY 2010: I have updated the Kep's .21 design to 2010 spec now. See the link here for more info: I have had this idea for a while now, to make one freebie template drawing to maybe promote building outriggers...
  16. Niklas Edlund

    Winter Hydro Testing in Sweden

    I have uploaded 3 short movies in the photo gallery of when I recently went to visit my Team GOG mate and friend Jorgen Andersson for a few days last week. The movies are from December 10 and it for shure should be ice on the lake by now. Did any one say global warming? <_< The temp was...
  17. Niklas Edlund

    Naviga World Champs in Norway - live

    Howdy boat friends, We're hooked up on the wireless broadband connection at the race site now. Our camper is about 100 meters from the lake... :P Today sunday is registration and the open "outlaw" practice at the 2 practice lakes starts at 14.00-19.00. There is no practice in the race lake...
  18. Niklas Edlund

    SM2 June 17-18 Heatracing Oxelosund Sweden

    I have uploade pics in my photo gallery from the first 2006 heatracing outrigger nats in Sweden. This was supposed to be the second race but the first one in Norrkoping was cancelled after the race site was slightly vandalised. As I raced myself in 3.5, there is no action photos from that class...
  19. Niklas Edlund

    57:th Nurnberg Toyfair 2006 pics

    We just came back from the annual "spielwaren messe" in Nurnberg. Its still going on though for anyone still wanting to go there (it ends tomorrow tuesday feb 3). I have uploades some pics from the show. Do note this is a HUGE show! These pics just show a small spectrum of the available...