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  1. Brandon Atwell

    IMPBA facebook

    Hey everyone! Go and give the official IMPBA Facebook page a follow. Will be posting daily updates and happenings within the organization so stay tuned!
  2. Brandon Atwell

    Parts Wanted L/F SPP .46 unmuffled outboard pipe

    Hey everyone! Looking for a Salisbury .46 unmuffled outboard pipe. Have a muffled version I’d be willing to trade to or can buy outright from you. Thanks in advance!
  3. Brandon Atwell

    Tool Wanted L\F JRS innovations tunnel setup board

    Hey guys! Curious to see if anyone has one collecting dust they would like to part with, looks they are unfortunately out of business now. Similar designs would be of interest also. Thanks!
  4. Brandon Atwell

    P Tunnel layout

    Hey everyone! Brainstorming some ideas for a P tunnel project, hoping to get some ideas for layout of the radio box/ battery area. Thanks in advance!
  5. Brandon Atwell

    Silent Engines

    Just found out we lost Larry Kent a couple months ago. Haven’t seen any posts on here so wanted to pass along the info. Larry was a great boater and even greater friend, him and my dad were very close over the years. Seems like this year has taken far too many of the good guys in the hobby. Keep...
  6. Brandon Atwell

    New Project?

    Trying to find some RC SVG files and stumbled across this. Doesn't give any bore/ stroke numbers, or any sleeve pictures in the previews. But looks to be a super cool project, $5.80 for a download....
  7. Brandon Atwell

    Parts Wanted L/F Orlic head for 35Plus

    Hey Guys! Looking for the head/ jacket combo from Frank for a 35Plus. Thanks in advance
  8. Brandon Atwell

    Parts Wanted L/F Novarossi 2000 motors/ parts

    Hey guys, Looking for some parts or complete short stroke 2000 engines with the square head. Trying to help an older local boater get some boats running for his daughters. He has one from back in the day and wanted to beef up his collection. Thanks!
  9. Brandon Atwell

    Randy Premo Memorial race

    Just wanted to set this up over here for the outboard guys. Randy Premo was a tunnel guy through and through. His home pond, the Brandon Model Boaters, are putting on a race this October in his honor. It’s important we fill those tunnel classes up in his memory and get some great racing going...
  10. Brandon Atwell

    Prayers needed Stan Simpson

    Just talked to Stan Simpson a bit ago, Papa Stan is gonna need a lot of prayers guys. COVID cases are surging here in Jacksonville and hospitals are feeling the effects. He has been in the hospital for a bit over a week now fighting off COVID and it’s been an uphill battle. Just keep these two...
  11. Brandon Atwell

    Another Lower Unit Option?

    Seen these on EBay for close to $250! Apparently, ordering direct from TFL they are only $125. Great deal for newer guys or for a cheaper option.
  12. Brandon Atwell

    Welcome to the Dark Side

    Big shoutout to Jerry Crowther over at Seaducer. Posted on here a month or so ago about a beginner electric boat. My initial plan was to get a ready to run hull, but knowing I’ve wanted to build some electric tunnels, I wanted to start from the ground up. Jerry set me up with a P-Limited...
  13. Brandon Atwell

    Props Wanted L/F X440 3- blade

    Hey Guys, Looking for an Octura X440 3 blade for a seaducer P limited. Let me know what you got! Thanks!
  14. Brandon Atwell


    Shaman 7.5 tunnel, big brother to the Lynx :-) Carl Van Houten design Nelson for power, Vans racing team prop work. Keeps you on the edge of your seat for 6 laps!
  15. Brandon Atwell

    Lynx- World Tunnel Champion

    Lynx built by Carl Van Houten and distributed by Gabe at Novarossi. Powered by an O.S. .21 with props from Props-4-U. Vinyl decals by me, amazing hull!
  16. Brandon Atwell

    Post up your trailer setups (boat rack sources?)

    Going to be investing in a new enclosed trailer soon so looking for some layout ideas! Right now looking somewhere in the range of 6x14 or 7x14. sources for boat racks and other useful equipment you all have found necessary would be perfect! thanks guys
  17. Brandon Atwell

    Beginner electric boat?

    Hey guys, Got my Fiancé’s little brother interested in these headaches now. Lol He’s 6, so do not need anything fast or excessively expensive. Messed with the nitros forever, what would be a good starter electric that is reliable? Been looking at the proboat Miss Geico 17”, thought something...
  18. Brandon Atwell

    Novarossi .46 Crank and Backplate

    Hey guys Have a brand new crank and backplate for a wrap around .46 motor (NOT the Direct Drive) This crank came from a Pylon engine. Timing and crank cuts are identical to the marine counterpart, only difference might be the threads. Can’t say for certain with none to compare, but they look...
  19. Brandon Atwell

    45 RS EVO head bolts

    Any idea what thread sizing and length for the 45 head bolts? Mine decided it didn’t need two of them :-) Thanks!
  20. Brandon Atwell

    Blazer Sport 40 Setup Tips

    Hey guys! Been struggling with getting my dads blazer running really well. Bad problem with plowing, anyone care to share their strut depth/ angle, CG and turn fin angle? The turn fin is currently set level (running a mojo fin) so I’m thinking something is up with the strut depth and angle. How...