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    REK Lower Units - Who makes them?

    He used to live in palmetto fl. I went to his home once years ago to pick up a lower from him
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    2020 Florida FE Sunshinenationals great racing and fun time!!

    Yes it was great. Have to agree on the sponsors helping with the raffle prizes and mic for doing all the hard work to make this race possible
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    2020 FE Champs, Branndon FL getting closer March 7-8

    Big thanks to mic for all the hard work and to all the sponsors for making this race possible I’m just trying to figure out which of the northern guys brought down this **** wind with them
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    FE Vision

    Great running boats. I currently have 2 of them
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    P limited mono

    several of us like the flycolor 150 for p-limited
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    $50 for the pair
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    Here you go
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    I have 2 of those props that I have had and never really used. I’ll sell them if you. Want them I am not sure what size they are though
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    K&b 7.5 lowers

    I have a pair of k&b 7.5 lowers that I have decided I no longer need Both have drive shafts and prop shafts One is missing the transom plate Will also include an fe adapter and coupler $100 for all plus shipping
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    P-limited tunnel

    sent you a message
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    P-limited tunnel

    I forgot to mention that I have been running the cheap turnigy 120 esc's for years. unfortunately they don't make them anymore hobbyking does have another 120 esc that I think will work fine. you could also check over on OSE to see what they have I do have a pair of the aquacraft 60 amp esc's...
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    Need one more.....!

    looks like you got your wish. 3 are signed up. might end up being even bigger as we get closer to race day
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    New (wierd looking!) P Sport Hydro!

    looks good bill
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    P-limited tunnel

    I am still running my aquacraft 2030. it depends on if you are running under namba or impba. the namba guys have gone to the 3660 motors and I believe the impba is still running 3656 motors
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    2020 Florida FE Sunshinenationals March 7-8,2020 - Brandon FL (info)

    I agree buoyhunter It’s nice to have extra motor options
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    FE JAE 33”!!

    I built one back in 2011 for p limited and won the nats with it
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    FE JAE 33”!!

    Looking good bill
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    2020 Florida FE Sunshinenationals March 7-8,2020 - Brandon FL (info)

    Can’t wait mic. Hopefully I’ll have a few new boats to run
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    Brandon Florida FE race 11-24-2019

    Thank you Greg. You spent plenty of time in that retrieve boat I had a one of those days racing where nothing went right but I can tell you it didn’t even phase me getting to watch my son have fun and run so well at his first race
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    Brandon Florida FE race 11-24-2019

    Thanks again to Mic and the Brandon club for hosting this race. My son and I had a great time this weekend
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