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    Al Waters

    Al returned home today to continue his recovery with a little oxygen and home nursing care. Big thumbs up!!
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    CMB .67 Greenhead

    I am kind of sold on the new CMB design. The hull plug is coming along pretty good. Posted some photos on the General page in the "what's everybody doing" post. Sanding and filling all the insides of the boat to radius all the intersections now. I could be a safecracker I have sanded so much...
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    CMB .67 Greenhead

    Is it a 4 port or a newer version Mike? I was in Ellensburg yesterday visiting my grandsons whose parents own the property right across the road from the gate from Irene Reinhardt Park. Man, I was sure itching to race!
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    pak 5.jpg

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    pak 6.jpg

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    pak 13.jpg

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    pak 16.jpg

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    pak 12.jpg

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    pak 14.jpg

  10. 82 Pak 1.jpg

    82 Pak 1.jpg

  11. pak 8.jpg

    pak 8.jpg

    1982 Pay N Pak Gas Scale plug
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    pak 15.jpg

  13. pak.jpg


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    Racing Model Boats When Mt. St. Helens Blew Up

    I had been steelhead fishing on the Skagit River that morning and heard a faint boom around 8 o'clock. We had my buddies pair of German Shepherds with us and these highly trained and disciplined dogs had been going nutzo for the past hour, pacing around and looking for someplace to hide. We were...
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    What is everyone doing???

    Constructing a Gas Scale plug for the 80-82 Pak that will be constructed with bagged and heat cured carbon fiber. It has a similar open design as my nitro boats with a cowling that fits between the sponson mains and sits on the longitudinal ledges. It's a design that's spoiled me with the 8255...
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    JAE .91 maiden.

    If you put a high wattage soldering iron directly on the screw head to heat up the screw you might get away with not frying the o-ring in the water jacket.
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    Building my first 1/8 scale . 2008 U1 Miss Elam Plus

    I don't know much about electrics but I do see guys using Velcro on the batteries so they can shift them fore and aft to adjust the CG
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    JAE .91 maiden.

    runs a couple of laps and lays down on you sounds like a bearing or cooling issue to me.
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    Permatex Orange Threadlocker

    Replaces both the Red and Blue. Same holding strength as the Red but breaks loose like the Blue.