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    Wanted motor

    I decided to go twin zen 30's
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    Parts For Sale WTB

    Heard about that one yesterday, couldnt find, nav this site hard
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    Wanted motor

    Ya, it'll fun !!! Lol
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    Parts For Sale WTB

    Dude, u wanna muscle in ony deals now ? Dayum bruh
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    Parts For Sale WTB

    Very !!!! Can u pm me on fb ?? RobertDewater
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    Wanted motor

    Maybe a 20 hp merc ob ?? Lol
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    Wanted motor

    Ya, thot twin for a min, its a hassle tho. Counter rotate motor and prop, shaft etc
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    Parts For Sale WTB

    WTB QD30.5 cc or a inline. Anyone ???
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    Wanted motor

    Have a 72" mono, looking for high power zen or inline gasser. Any help is appreciated TIA. Bobby
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    I got nutn
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    I emailed him the other day.....STILL no reply
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    horizon zelos 36 cat

    Mine dead stock just GPS @ 78mph useing 2 6s 3300 packs
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    The miss geico twin

    Soooo. Took the geico twin cat out wed to diff place. Water nearly like glass, First run GPS @ 78 mph useing 2 6s 3300 lipos I was impressed !!!
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    Hi again guys ! Spec help needed

    Does anyone know the stock prop for pb blackjack 24 ? Took it and the beast, miss geico twin out yesterday. Did a little reshape on plastic prp for the 24 trying to stop the torque effect. Now wants to cav a bit. Would like proper size in a surface prop. Ideas ???
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    Hi guys !! Tech help needed

    MOST likely i ran too long.
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    Battery selection help

    I took the geico the other day useing 2. 6s packs. all i can say is DAYUM !!!
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    Best RTR electric

    Just maiden my geico 36" cat 2. 6S lipos. Will GPS later but about 70 mph