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  1. Jim Mamaril

    JAE 45 Strut and sponson insert

    This is one of my struts that I made for a project I never finished along with boom tube inserts. 40.00 plus the ride, paypal only
  2. Jim Mamaril

    Identify this boat

    Anyone know what this might be.
  3. Jim Mamaril

    Zoom carbs. CMB .21 TT OB

    I have for sale one CMB VAC 45 lightly used Zoom carb 100.00 plus shipping. Also have one Zoom 12 carb that fits a NR 12. 80.00 plus shipping. One CMB .21 TT OB powerhead, bearings are smooth, has OS PTO, piston fit is OK, 75.00 plus shipping Shipping to lower 48 only. Paypal only.
  4. Jim Mamaril

    Prather B215 and B225 NIP

    I have 1ea. B215 and B225 props new in package, both for 30.00 shipped in Cont US , USPS priority mail. Jim
  5. Jim Mamaril

    FS JAE 45 Project /MAC 45

    I have this Jae 45 that I just don't have time to finish. Sponsons are complete with my aluminum inserts,has 1/4 aluminum plate bonded into right sponson for turn fin mounting. Stuffing tube and ski mounted. Includes Speedmaster rudder,Zipp turn fin, my motor mounts,custom plastic tank by Ryan...
  6. Jim Mamaril

    Happy Birthday Eric

    happy birthday, have a great day...
  7. Jim Mamaril

    F/S Firefighter gas rigger

    Selling for a friend a Firefighter gas out rigger needs to be sealed and painted. 25cc Zenoah 4 port motor, big bore carb, 2" Bantam pipe, water cooled header. Speed master motor mount and rudder. Custom made FF style Hughes turn fin. Servos installed. For more info email Sandy at...
  8. Jim Mamaril

    WTB CMB .21 TT piston/liner

    Looking for a piston liner set for an older CMB 21 TT outboard, or a complete powerhead. Any one have one laying around ????? Jim
  9. Jim Mamaril

    F/S 3.5 K&B parts lot.

    For sale is a parts lot of misc. 3.5 K&B parts. Some O/B some I/B, Some of them are kinda dusty been sitting awhile. There is a 707 specialties exhaust throttle as well as an old butterfly style exhaust throttle. Not sure of the model numbers on any of them but it all looks to be usable after a...
  10. Jim Mamaril

    F/S 7.5 K&B Parts lot.

    I have for sale this lot of misc. 7.5 parts, some O/B some I/B . Not sure of what models they all fit, Do not want to split up if possible. The lower is for a Red Head, the piston/liners are not new but are still usable same for the rods. 225.00 plus shipping but will entertain offers. Post...
  11. Jim Mamaril

    What not to do with a new boat !!!!!

    This was the second run with my new epoxyglass JAE. OOPS
  12. Jim Mamaril

    Heat treating props.

    I know this has been brought up in the past but I couldn't find much about it when I did a search. What kind of temps, length of bake and quenching are people using. I have heat treated all sorts of steel alloys but have never tried BeCu. Any info on this would be much appreciated. Jim
  13. Jim Mamaril

    FS Equi O/B pipe /3280 ?? OB pipe !!SOLD!!

    I have lightly used Equi O/B pipe and header adaptor for an OS , don't plan on using it anymore so it must go. 75.00 plus shipping I also have a cut and rewelded 3280, worked very well. 25.00 plus shipping No pm's, post here if interested, paypal preferd. Thanks for looking. Jim...
  14. Jim Mamaril

    7.5 mod tunnel race

    This is a video of one of the funnest races I have been in for a long time. It's not the best video but you can see most of the race. This was at our D8 race in Eugene Or. Jerry Dunlap was on the inside, I was in the middle and Mike Bontoft was on the outside. JD was running his 40 stock...
  15. Jim Mamaril

    JAE .12 Test runs

    Just thought I would share this vid of a few test runs from this past weekend. I know this is a very small pond but it is close and has easy access.It takes a few laps to build some heat but you can tell when it hits the sweet spot. I was using Mark Sholunds 40x 53 prop and it works very well...
  16. Jim Mamaril

    NAMBA Disrict 8 Class champion

    Haven't seen any one else post any results about there JAE's so here is how I did last season with my .12 We held 2 laps this past weekend and we left the course up for racing on Sun. so we had a chance to put a stop watch on my boat, consistent 13 second laps with the NR .12 5 port,not to...
  17. Jim Mamaril

    40 Tunnel/ Cody craft

    I have an undrilled Cody craft 40 tunnel, it is a Leecraft copy on the bottom but a different deck and cowl.Lay up is very good. It has been sprayed with white primer because the Gelcoat was an ugly color. Will consider trades or 90.00 plus shipping in lower 48 Jim
  18. Jim Mamaril

    F/S or Trade 21 Crapshooter

    I have an older 21 crapshooter that I acquired that I am not going to use, I do not know the history of this boat but it appears to be in decent shape. Comes with a 27 mhz TX and RX one servo and switch. No rudder or turn fin. 75.00 plus actual shipping in lower 48 only. should be around 20.00 -...
  19. Jim Mamaril

    OS PTO shafts

    Does anyone know where to buy the PTO shafts for the OS outboard, looked at Tower and they don't list it either does the OS web site. I found the part #[23852 100] in the user manual but no place else.
  20. Jim Mamaril

    JAE 21 strut, 12 motor mounts.

    I have a .21 strut that is good for a spare, somehow I reamed the hole off center, other than that it will function as designed and may not make a difference at all. 10.00 shipped usps first class mail. I also have a set of JAE .12 motor mounts for 10.00 shipped.