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    Randys race.....

    Blowin the dust off the ol Sport 40! need to kinda go thru it a little.....hard to believe I built it when all my Grandkids were just babies...... sigh........they all had the NERVE to go and grow up on me!😢😊......Im gonna run this and a coupla more boats at Randys Memorial race in a month and a...
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    hopper tank for my Sport 40.........

    Ive needed one in this boat for years! I picked up a nice little 1oz triangular tank that fits nicely, but ive completely forgotten how to plumb it......can someone draw me a pic or tell me what goes where? Rick Bellinger I know yer out!LOL
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    New JAE .45!!

    Just need a tank from Walt and its ready to test.....VERY excited about this rigger.......seems so HUGE for a .40 Hydro!!
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    `What prop should i try??

    Whats a good starting prop to try on my new JAE .45 rigger? It has a stock Nova Rossi .46 DD for power and the boat is very close to completion!! Many Thanks!
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    90 degree water fittings!

    Im about to lose it......... all I have left to do to my JAE .45 rigger is put a 90 degree water fitting on my Nova Rossi .46 DD, and with all the stuff ive got, I don't have one single water fitting!!!!!!:mad: Where can I get them......anybody?? Thanks!
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    Looking for more K&B carbs.......!

    Red, Black, Gold, or Purple, I don't care.....I have a pile of K&B 3.5 and 7.5 I.B. engines that use these carbs, so look in your junk boxes guys.....MANY THANKS!!! Bill :) !
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    LF .40 Seaducer

    Looking for one that doesnt have the daylights beaten out of a .45 motor that needs a boat!
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    Looking for a couple of longshots........

    Im looking for: An Aquacraft rudder for a GP-1 Hydro...either the rudder assembly or just the rudder.... Some Bruline pushrod seals! I know the odds are not in my favor for these items, but there's always a chance...
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    Namba nitro classes?

    I haven't run tunnels in a while, and the only tunnel I have is an old Top Speed 2 with a stock K&B 3.5 Gold head O.B.. I doubt that the boat is competitive but i'll race it there still a class that I can legally race it in? What other 3.5 O.B. classes are there? I also have an...
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    K&B 3.5 I. B. Flywheels

    Looking for a couple of them! Thanks!! OH! The flywheels I need are for the early pre billet intake K&B 3.5 inboards........thanks Chris!!
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    Old school and Modern builds....for the fun of it!

    Bob Tuttle Sport 20 cowl fitting....a really nice boat! cowl looks and fits good! Older CMB or New Novarossi for power! Decking the Dumas Dragon Fli .20 Mark II! It will be an I.B. and use a K&B 3.5 for power, and I WILL run it for fun!! Hobbiest first, racer second!
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    Looking for a CMB .21 Valvola Greenhead!

    I'd like to find one in good shape....don't mind if its had fuel run thru it, fair compression!
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    WTB a K&B 7.5 I.b. engine!

    Drum or disk rotor, either one!
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    Thanks Grim! are something the hats!! The motors look absolutely PRISTINE! Thanks so much for the EXTRAS! Sending you a PM!
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    Even the blind squirrel gets an acorn.....or 2! The trophies light up....HOW COOL IS THAT?? 😁 ! The '21 OCD Winternats were simply AWESOME.....these folks just did an incredible job of running off 212 heats in 3 days and still had us out early! I wish I took more pictures.......that's probably...
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    Having a great time at the Winternats😊!

    In my motel room, can’t sleep, so thought I’d post some pics😊....I had the pleasure of pitting next to Phil Thomas and his son Jerry and Joe Pettro, Phil and Joe contribute much to model boating, and are super nice folks! I haven’t been to a Winternats since 2013, and I’m just making new...
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    Whoops! Wrong spot!
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    Looking for a couple of more red K&B carbs....!!!

    Gotta mess of 3.5 and & 7.5 K&B Inboards that need carbs!! :) ! THANKS!
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    Looking for an O.S. 21D carb for my CMB .21 RS!

    I just found out that this is a good replacement carb from Joern Markset!
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    Looking for a CMB .21 RS carb........

    Ive got a .21 RS engine that looks like new but I need a carb for it!