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    Big rigger

    One of my riggers being run in promod is fitting a 2000hp electric . Should run the same as the hemi and with the battery packs will weight about the same I am told. Waiting for an update from the team.
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    A few recent builds

    Drag hydro, 52" gas scale, new rigger and new sport hydro
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    new sport hydro

    for sale, will be sealed inside and out, engine blind nuts and turn fin backing with an epoxy glass cowl. This one is namba legal and impba legal version available to build. $650usd shipped us.
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    10s rigger

    motor size for a 10 s rigger ? Want too covert(new build) my 43" gas riggers design to 10 s
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    gas outboard drives contact info?

    Looking for the various gas drives currently "available", I have info on insane , lawless, gmorty but need Wendell Barrows info if available. best heat racing drives only Thanks!
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    Gas tunnel

    I also build custom wood gas tunnels. Built sealed inside and out with a primered epoxy glass cowl and replaceable epoxy sponson tips(like a fullsize tunnel)
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    New Ellison gas rigger

    SOLD! Brand new Ellison rigger, 100% built hull, sealed inside and out, Brass water line, turn fin blind nuts, engine mounts drilled, shaft log installed, Pipe backing block with primered epoxy cowl and epoxy glass rear sponsons SOLD!
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    Custom built Sport hydro's

    I have several different sport hydro builds using my proven footprint and lightweight construction. Custom built per order.
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    New .67/.80 rigger

    Building a new nitro rigger. 
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    gas outrigger

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    Removed, not sure who moved this!
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    New gas outrigger

    Made a few improvements to the current namba 6 lap record hull design. under carb shield, winglets and rear sponsons built as part of tub (instead of add ons) epoxy cowl. Same front sponsons, engine mount drilled, shaft log installed, sealed inside and out. $600 shipped US ( orange cowl boat...
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    New rigger

    Thought I would try something different. Rigger based off my sport hydro.
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    Twin rigger

    Recently built a couple side by sides
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    Original style Ellison rigger

    For sale 43" rigger. Super nice paint with pearl clear. NO engine, mount, pipe, radio/gear, rudder, shaft. A few paint chips, lightweight fast. $550
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    inboard tunnel

    Changed my outboard design to inboard, Looks of the 1/4 scale outboard with cat inboard performance
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    outboard outrigger

    Built this hull as a standoff scale to match the real/full size hull. I am going to sell it so it can get run. Built, sealed and primed ready for engine and radio. It is a 1 of a kind, asking $1000 obo.
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    Ellison sport hydro

    sold no longer available
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    New rigger

    I thought I would build a new version of a boat I tested in the 90's. Same rigger I currently build except the rear sponsons are part of the fronts. Henry Velasco is running my current rigger with great speed(low 80's with a 26 and high 80's with a big block) in heat race trim, so thought I...