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    2021 Hydrofest

    Hi Tom I would like to enter thunder boat and gas mono DSM IMPBA 10413 thanks
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    Kohlmeyer Classic 2019 September 21-22

    Are you running gas hydro
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    D-2 50th running of the Mini Gold Cup

    Joe can you put me down for gas mono and gas cat Scott J Whitcraft impba 10413
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    Need a little prop help for a zippkit pro vee

    thanks for help Ron
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    Need a little prop help for a zippkit pro vee

    I built a zipp kit pro vee this winter and put a gizmo 30 plus motor I tried some props 275prather 7014 and a couple other prop boat runs great but has alot of rpm needs more prop need some help from some mono guys
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    67 PIPES

    gotta find more stuff guys..... pipes are sold!
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    67 PIPES

    For Sale 67 Andy Brown pipes (Used) 1 Parablic 25.00 (New) 1 AB pipe 45.00 (New) 1 set stinger shims for the AB pipe 10.00 [email protected]
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    Twin 90 hydro

    FOR SALE TWIN HYDRO 90 PROVEN WINNER! Been building and racing twins for 10 years. In very good condition. 2004 Internets 3rd place 2005 Internets 4th place US 1 straight-away time trials. 1st Place Is hand built boat. Is not a roadrunner. Carbon fiber sponson's. CMB...