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  1. T.S.Davis

    Event map?

    I remember once upon a time there was a pond map that showed places to run boats. Has there ever been an event map that showed where races were being held? That would be handy.
  2. T.S.Davis

    Course markers

    Anybody ever try these? They're a little narrow but they're tall and NO painting.
  3. T.S.Davis

    2s racing?

    Hey gang. I'm asking this question all over the place. Anybody racing any 2s boats anywhere in the US? We were barely able to field heats for the 2014 nats. We only added them in because it was a "nats". I've raced all over the country and haven't seen an N2 boat other than a time trial since...
  4. T.S.Davis

    Is this still a mono? That's a Smashshark on their front page. Not the best boat they offer but I was curious if you guys think it wold still qualify as a mono. It looks like a stepped hull but those are just vents at the chine. They don't go down to the keel. It's not quite the ride...
  5. T.S.Davis

    Charging box

    Guys, I have nothing to do with this company but I am fire protection guy. This is the best idea I've seen so far. So for your consideration.
  6. T.S.Davis

    WTB Vigrinia Craftsman 20 fin

    Anybody have one they would be willing to part with. I heard Dick is a bit backed up. I need one for a winter build.
  7. T.S.Davis

    2013 Michigan Cup race

    .....cut and pasted in multiple locations..... We have an official date. Wahoo! We haven't come up with a class list yet but I wanted to make sure everyone knew early that there was truly going to be a Michigan Cup race next summer. Just electrics. It's safe to assume all the spec stuff will...
  8. T.S.Davis

    Scale RPM?

    Hey guys, what kind of RPM do you expect with a scale boat? How much prop does it turn?
  9. T.S.Davis

    few toy shots

    A few shots from the toy shed. There's more. They're scattered all over the house.
  10. T.S.Davis

    Q Sport

    Cuz Doug told me too. He's right, this thing is disturbing to watch on the water.
  11. T.S.Davis


    Sorry if this has been asked before guys. What is the theory on the width of the sponson stance? I noticed that a JAE45 is shown at 22.4" where as a JAE45 twin is 24". Made me realize how ignorant I am. I really don't understand how these conclusions are made. What would I watch for to tell...
  12. T.S.Davis

    Newton question

    This is more a of general question. I'm not sure if you guys can help without a specific hull. A lot the Newton plans (so I've been told) were drawn in an erra where the power available wasn't quite what we have today. Some of those plans become quirky when you crank up the speed. I'll be...
  13. T.S.Davis


    You guys have probably been over this before. Sorry for the ignorance. What is the advantage/disadvantage toconcavity on mono hull?
  14. T.S.Davis

    IMPBA rules question

    How the heck do we enforce it? If I joined today and clicked on "IMPBA rule book" I don't get the rules. Well, I get some of them. Most of them even. So new guys that are just starting up can't possibly know what is legal. I know it says that: *note: an updated version of the rulebook will...
  15. T.S.Davis

    Easle SG vs SGX

    How big is the difference between the older GS version and the GSX version of the Eagle? I noticed the rear shoes. Are there other big changes to think about?
  16. T.S.Davis

    open hydro?

    Guys, what kind of speeds are you seeing in open hydro? I don't mean time trials. Just oval heat boats.
  17. T.S.Davis

    How much do you travel?

    How much traveling do you dedicate to racing? I'm sure this an old subject but I'm curoius. Is the bulk of your racing day trips within your district or are you travelling, renting a room, racing for the day and then running back for work on Monday? That kind of thing.
  18. T.S.Davis

    Some props FS

    I've got three Beardsley props. Blades thinned, balanced, and polished. Typical Beardsley works of art. x462 - $20 1657 - $20 1955 - $20 Then I have some that I balanced myself. Not nearly as nice as the beardsley but still pretty sweet. 1755 - $15 1655 - $15 x457 - $15 Let me know if...
  19. T.S.Davis

    1977 U4 Miss Tri-Cities

    Everyone is hunting for pictures of something this time of year. So, anybody have a lead on this one?
  20. T.S.Davis

    Smokin Joes hull

    I'm working on a 1994 1/8 Smokin Joes boat for FE. Rogers plans call for a saw toothed ride pad on each side of the tub near the transom. Any advantage or disadvantage? Do they need to be there for scale accuracy?