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  1. Troy Hammons

    Small LiFe Receiver Packs

  2. Troy Hammons

    Small LiFe Receiver Packs

    Okay, I would like to get 3 of the 1300 packs. If you get any more 800 packs in. I would like to get 3 of those.
  3. Troy Hammons

    Cincinnati Model Boat Club 2021 IMPBA Time Trials

    There will be open water on Friday. I will be at the lake around 10:30am Mario may be there earlier. He will have to clarify that though.
  4. Troy Hammons

    Small LiFe Receiver Packs

    Daniel, If you get a minute can you post the weight of the 1300 pack in grams? Thanks. Also do you think you will be getting any 800 packs again?
  5. Troy Hammons

    Anyone build a slingshot with Rear exhaust gas engine?

    That tub is exactly the same as today's slingshots. I made a mold back then for a cowling with no side shield. Do you have a clearance problem for your carb with the slingshot cowl? I used an rcmk bottom with an M&D cast cylinder turned 90 deg. I had no issues with clearance. What engine are...
  6. Troy Hammons

    Anyone build a slingshot with Rear exhaust gas engine?

    This was a pre slingshot, but basically the same boat with the older front sponsons. The tub has to be a little wider to have room for the ignition.
  7. Troy Hammons

    How difficult is it to build the backlash hydro kit

    It depends on your experience with building. They have good instructions with pictures. The backlash is fairly easy to build if you have a flat place to build and some basic cutting and sanding tools.
  8. Troy Hammons

    Makin’ stuff

    Maybe if you would close your piehole, make some parts and deliver in a timely manner. People would would Praise and recommend you. Look at the people that succeed and get repeat business on these forums, they do exactly that, They have outstanding feedback. I don't post very often but believe...
  9. Troy Hammons

    Parts For Sale Bouchie Pipes 21, 67, 91/101

    I will offer $200 for the 67 pipe
  10. Troy Hammons

    TNT Racing Banshee SxS Twin

    McMaster-Carr They have many other sizes as well.
  11. Troy Hammons

    Best aluminum for pipes

    Thanks. looks like they have pretty decent prices.
  12. Troy Hammons

    Best aluminum for pipes

    What's the best or easiest to form and weld aluminum for pipes? I was looking at 5052 on McMASTER. It says easy to weld and the specs are softer than 6061. Hoping some pipe guys will chime in. Thanks.
  13. Troy Hammons

    Cowl locks

    WTB some Grimracer cowl locks. New or used. Thanks.
  14. Troy Hammons


    Thanks Mike. I put this in the wrong category.
  15. Troy Hammons


  16. Troy Hammons

    Eagle SG Restoration project

    I would think red Loctite would work on the AB pipe.
  17. Troy Hammons

    Blazer Sport 40 Setup Tips

    Make sure the ride pads have not developed hook. The wood ride pads can curl a bit over time and you won't notice until you put a straight edge on it. May not be your problem but it's worth a look.
  18. Troy Hammons

    JAE 45 Build

    Old man? HA!
  19. Troy Hammons

    Registration problems.

    Thanks Dave.