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  1. Andy Nightingale

    Q Mono?

    Firstly, forgive my complete ignorance when it comes to electrics After I've finished my current Seaducer 33 build, I'd like to build a Seaducer 38 fe and in a first for me - make it electric. It'd be my fourth 'ducer and the first fast boat I've made without a fuel tank... Jerry's site lists...
  2. Andy Nightingale

    Nova 21 Mito carb

    I have a nicely worked Nova 21 that I've never run and plan on putting in my Seaducer, currently it's got a Nova 46 carb on it, am after something a little better. What aftermarket carbs would we recommend?
  3. Andy Nightingale

    Aeromarine Conquest 44

    Has anyone got the setup notes for the Conquest 44? I've acquired an unstarted hull that doesn't have the plan with it
  4. Andy Nightingale

    Name that rigger (again)

    Any ideas? had this in the mid 2000's, can't remember who made it. cowl oddly was made from a solid block of balsa
  5. Andy Nightingale

    Nova To-Be 46dd question

    Could anyone tell me the mounting hole spacings for the 46dd please? Need to know distance between centers in both directions
  6. Andy Nightingale

    Gas Rigger Recommendations?

    Hi all, am after recommendations for a gas rigger, want to build from plans not a kit. Far as I can see the only plans available are for the Firefighter...
  7. Andy Nightingale

    New build JAE 12

    Just thought I'd post up some photos of my latest build - a JAE 12 with Novarossi power. This wasn't from a Zippkits kit, it was cut from plans. It's had it's first run but unfortunately met a bouy, only snapped the left side sponson tubes so is back together again and ready for another go next...
  8. Andy Nightingale

    OS 21XM Mk1 parts needed

    Hi guys, I'm in need of some OS parts for my 21XM, took it out today and made bearing soup. I'm in need of a piston, rod, liner, rear bearing and head. If anyone has them they'd like to sell me, it'd be greatly appreciated Cheers, A