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  1. Andy Nightingale

    Q Mono?

    Very helpful guys, thank you
  2. Andy Nightingale

    Battery question for outboard gas tunnel

    The cheapest method you could use would be a beeper, it connects to the balance connector and screams at you when the voltage gets low. The below video shows the type I'm on about
  3. Andy Nightingale

    Q Mono?

    Of course, should have said. I run on a rectangular course on a reasonably small lake, would be fair to say I'm after an oval course setup, that's what all my glow boats are set up for. Am not looking for a Saw type setup, don't have the room
  4. Andy Nightingale

    Q Mono?

    Firstly, forgive my complete ignorance when it comes to electrics After I've finished my current Seaducer 33 build, I'd like to build a Seaducer 38 fe and in a first for me - make it electric. It'd be my fourth 'ducer and the first fast boat I've made without a fuel tank... Jerry's site lists...
  5. Andy Nightingale

    Battery question for outboard gas tunnel

    I use 7.4v Li-Po's in all my boats. Work perfectly as long as you have all HV servos and Rx. Have had far fewer issues with HV setups than I ever had with standard stuff on ni-mh's. As mentioned you need a monitoring system. I know all my batteries can last an entire morning switched on, plus...
  6. Andy Nightingale

    Nova 21 Mito carb

    I have a nicely worked Nova 21 that I've never run and plan on putting in my Seaducer, currently it's got a Nova 46 carb on it, am after something a little better. What aftermarket carbs would we recommend?
  7. Andy Nightingale

    Boats For Sale New Undrilled Seaducer SD-3

    Boat arrived today extremely well packaged, big thanks to Mike. For anyone looking at his stuff for sale - you won't be disappointed
  8. Andy Nightingale

    Parts Wanted Engine mount

    I have these, drilled M5 at 30mm hole centers. If you want them they're the shipping cost from the UK
  9. Andy Nightingale

    9o cmb

    I do know of someone who has a brand new, boxed 90 piston and liner. I believe he was asking somewhere in the region of £100 for it but I stand to be corrected. If you're interested I'll put you in touch
  10. Andy Nightingale

    Boats For Sale New Undrilled Seaducer SD-3

    I'll take it then, have sent you a pm with my details Thanks
  11. Andy Nightingale

    Boats For Sale New Undrilled Seaducer SD-3

    Would you accept $125 plus shipping to the UK, without the servos or rx?
  12. Andy Nightingale

    Parts Wanted .67 engine

    I know of an older CMB 67 that is still brand new in its box, owner is asking £200 for it - around $280. If you're interested, I can pass on the email of it's owner
  13. Andy Nightingale

    Kep's FE 4s V2 files

    I've drawn a set but they're at work. Shall upload them tomorrow
  14. Andy Nightingale

    Aeromarine Conquest 44

    Thanks gents
  15. Andy Nightingale

    Aeromarine Conquest 44

    Has anyone got the setup notes for the Conquest 44? I've acquired an unstarted hull that doesn't have the plan with it
  16. Andy Nightingale

    CMB Torque Specs

    I was having this conversation with some mates just yesterday and am wondering the same thing. Would love to hear a definitive answer of a torque spec
  17. Andy Nightingale

    Unknown 42" mono converted to electric

    Looks good, it's a Twincraft fyi
  18. Andy Nightingale

    67 outrigger

    I've got a 67 size Stingr I may consider parting with - tub and two sets of sponsons
  19. Andy Nightingale

    The Wild Thing

    Is there a pdf or dwg version available anywhere?
  20. Andy Nightingale

    WTB: CMB 45 and CMB 67

    Unfortunately not, if they run too lean they won't be receiving enough oil and then something has to give. Often it's big end bearings