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  1. Ian Inverarity

    Pictures from the 2018 Winter Nitro Champs in Florida

    Here are the highlights from nearly 8000 pictures I took at the 2018 Winter Nitro Champs in Florida! Enjoy!
  2. Ian Inverarity

    Pitch progression on 19 degree rake 38% BAR AMC props

    I have a 2717-19-38 ABC prop (raw) and have measured the pitch at 50% diameter, using an Orlic pitch gauge at 5 degree sweep at various places from the leading edge to the trailing edge. See the picture, the LE pitch is 4.32, the next measurement is 4.1, about 4/5th's of the blade chord from...
  3. Ian Inverarity

    Pics from 2016 Winter Nitro Champs in FL

    I have gone through over 9000 photos to create this album of pictures from the 2016 Winter Nitro Champs in Florida. Some of the shots were taken by Winfried Ott's wife while I raced, the rest are taken by me. I was unable to shoot all classes or even all boats within the classes I got, so I...
  4. Ian Inverarity

    45 Hydro in a turn

    I'm going thru the ~9000 shots I took at the Winter Nitro Champs in FL and came across a 45 hydro making an interesting wake from it's turn fin, I've not seen this before. I have seen similar wakes from props where the blades strike the water, but not from a fin. Notice the vertical striping in...
  5. Ian Inverarity

    Pictures from the 2015 NAMBA Nats

    Some of the pictures I took at the 2015 NAMBA Nats at Lake Minden, CA. It was a very enjoyable race meeting!
  6. Ian Inverarity

    HiTec 2.4 radios in boats

    Has anyone tried HiTec 2.4GHz radios in boats? The new Lynx 4S looks interesting with GPS built in to the receiver and telemetry displayed on the transmitter.
  7. Ian Inverarity

    Twin rigger racing in Melbourne Australia

    At the recent Vic Champs at RMBC in Melbourne Australia, Craig Knight ran the fastest time yet, 53.19 for 5 laps with his twin nitro rigger (red and white boat): Thanks to Scott Lambert for the video.
  8. Ian Inverarity

    Novarossi 21DD getting good revs with SPP Carbon Pipe

    I have been doing some more testing with my modified Novarossi 21DD in a JAE21 using a SPP NR21 muffled carbon fibre pipe and a CoCr prop I had made up, and the boat is going pretty well, have had this setup on a Stalker radar at 80.5mph. The NR pipe design definitely suits the Nova 21DD engine...
  9. Ian Inverarity

    Spark Ignition Nitro Engine

    Setting aside just what may or may not be allowed by various class racing rules, has anyone tried spark ignition instead of glow plug ignition with a high nitro fuel mix? 1/4-32 spark plugs are available (such as NGK ME8). I have been using Power-Spark electronic (programmable) ignition systems...
  10. Ian Inverarity

    Novarossi 21DD rod length?

    It is my understanding that the Novarossi Keep 21DD has a longer rod than the normal R7 used in other engines. Does anyone know what that length is?
  11. Ian Inverarity

    Pictures from 2013 Masters race in Melbourne Australia

    Here are a selection of pictures I took from the Masters race in Melbourne Victoria on 9-10th of March
  12. Ian Inverarity

    Flywheel groove angle for starter belt

    I am making a flywheel and would like to know what the angle of the groove for the starter belt should be?
  13. Ian Inverarity

    45 Calcraft CG

    I am setting up a Calcraft 45, what is a good position for the CG?
  14. Ian Inverarity

    WTB Octura 3/16 Square Drive Collets

    I am looking for Octura square drive collets to suit 3/16" cables and 1/4" engine threads (21's, 45's) like this one:
  15. Ian Inverarity

    JAE21, Wow!!

    I just ran my new JAE21 for the first time today, the design is fantastic! :) It launched easy, pulled any appropriate prop I had, and the turning was amazing! A big thanks to the JAE team and Zipkitts for such an amazing design! :wub: Months ago I wrecked my old boat, which until then was...
  16. Ian Inverarity

    21 Pipe Runs

    This is a video taken today of Aaron Alberico running one of the prototype OZ 21S pipes (discussed here ) today on his Novarossi powered JAE21:
  17. Ian Inverarity

    Happy Birthday Aaron Alberico

    Hey Aaron, Happy Birthday, your 30 now! Gettin' old! :P Here's a pic from 97 when you weren't so old: (Aaron is on the right) :P
  18. Ian Inverarity

    What is Centre Of Blade (COB) Pitch?

    I have seen increasing use of the term Centre Of Blade pitch (or C.O.B pitch) and recently mentions of increasing C.O.B. pitch. What is the definition of C.O.B. pitch and how (and where) is it measured? :huh: Prop gurus? :) Thanks. Ian.
  19. Ian Inverarity

    CMB VAC 91

    Has anyone tried a CMB VAC91 in a 44 inch Seaducer? How do they compare to RS91's/RS101's? I am looking for a setup with higher rpm.
  20. Ian Inverarity

    Jae 21, Novarossi sets Aussie 2 lap record

    I just got off the phone with Aaron Alberico, he just set a new Australian 2 lap record of 17.59 seconds with his Ozspec Novarossi JAE 21 hydro, well done Aaron! Ian.