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    Re-building 1/8 scale crackerbox!

    Hi all i am in the process of stripping paint of a 1/8 scale crakerbox hull is 24 inch version . I am thinking of refinishing the hull deck and sides in 1/16 mahogany veneer and 1 oz fiberglass cloth and varnishing for natural finish . My question here is how much more weight would i be adding...
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    Hi all i tried all the suggestions that Kris Mike and Robert had mentioned the boat still porpoising down the straights i checked the hull on my setup board no twists in hull a put a metal straight edge on both sponson bottoms 120% STRAIGHT no rockers or hooks but the 1 thing i noticed...
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    Dunlap 27 porpoising !

    Awhile back i converted my 27 inch Dunlap tunnel hull which was powered by a OS .21 NITRO engine to 4s lipo power with a 2030 kv bl motor mounted on a K&B LOWER UNIT i inserted a 5/8 inch spacer on the transom for proper inset and set the prop c/l 5/16 of an inch above sponson bottom with X442...
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    Lawless 3.5 lower unit !

    Hi all while surfing this forum i have noticed some outboard set ups with the Lawless lower units the first thing i noticed the power head seem to sit a lot lower than the O.S MAX i use on my fe tunnel hull im guessing the powerhead sitting lower might add stability in turns. How do the Lawless...
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    Krylon color maxx spray paints !

    Hi all for the past 15 years i have been painting all my fast electric boats with Krylon spray cans but over the last 2 yrs they seem to keep changing the formulas .First of all the paint is going over birch aircraft plywood which i first seal in 3 coats of Pacer finishing resin then i spray...
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    Tunnel hull design and tech advancement !

    Hi all i built a Dunlap D-27 tunnel around 2003 raced it with a O.S .21 XM stock set up very competitive at the time recently in 2017 converted it to p-spec with UL-1 motor on 4s , In 2008 i built The Dunlap 30 inch W.O.F set up for FE 4s full p 3674 2200 kv and 6s with a 4082 1600 kv a real...
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    Looking for Dubro #3125 replacement 3.5 mount

    Hi all looking for a replacement center piece the black composite block for the Dubro 3.5 cc motor mount. Regards Andris Golts.
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    ML Boatworks THX 305 ?

    Hi all has anyone built or run the THX 305 tunnel hull ? I was thinking 4s with AQ2030 kv on top of O.S. lower unit . IS the instructions and laser cutting good ? Is there a building jig with the kit? Regards Anbris Golts.
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    K&B 3.5 prop shaft ?

    Hi all need to know thread diameter and pitch for the K&B 3.5 prop shaft i have to re-tap my 3.5 R.E.K lower unit. Regards Andris Golts.
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    K & B 3.5 flex shafts slipping?

    Hi all I purchased several spare flex shafts for my K& B 3.5 2 summers ago noticed they where slipping on both of my 3.5 on close examination and digital calipers on the stock K&B shafts they measure 3mm on the square end on the replacements they measure 2.8 mm. Has anyone had this problem ...
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    Turn pad ?

    Hi all. Is there any new outboard tunnel hull designs on the market that DO NOT incorporate the use of turn pads ? I was talking to several club members about this subject and remembering when i build a Dumas hot shot back in 1982 and a Octura Toms cat around 1990 neither designs had turn pads...
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    R.E.K. / Irwin 3.5 composite lower unit ?

    Hi  all i just had a friend purchase one of these units  for me from e-bay to use with UL-1 B/L power. Does anyone know  exactly what kind of material these lower units are cast from ? Looks like some kind of black plastic . Are these composite lower units still in production ? Regards Andris Golts.
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    Ride pad shape ?

    Hi all  every ride pad side profile i have seen has a gentle  curve from the rear of the pad that gently curves into the bottom of the tunnel.  Has anyone  tried a wedge shaped profile  for a ride pad ? Regards Andris Golts.
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    Ride pad dimension's for .21 size tunnel hull 's ?

    Hi all what size ride pads or a.k.a stumble blocks are required for .21 size tunnel hulls ? The boats i will be using them on are the Dunlap W.O.F 30 and the Dunlap - 27 which is in the process of being converted to UL-1 power and 4s lipo. For location would the front of the ride pad be up...
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    Prop shaft elevation for Dunlap-27 ?

    Hi all im in the process of converting a Dunlap-27 tunnel that i built back in 2003 from nitro to b/l power . As i no longer have the building instructions as where to set the prop shaft elevation for proper  height . Would i be correct at assuming that a elevation of 1/8'' - 1/2'' above sponson...
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    Rough surface on sponson insides on Dunlap tunnell ?

    Hi all last winter i refinshed my 10 year Dunlap W.O.F. 30 by sanding back to bare wood then applying 5 coats of Epifanes marine varnish as per instructions. This past summer i noticed that at about after 15 runs after wiping the bottom of the boat that the  inside port and starboard sponson...
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    Prather 31'' deep vee surface or subsurface set up ?

    Hi all  a friend bought a Prather 31'' deep vee kit im guessing 1985 - 1990 vintaage . The hull has a slot cutout for subsurface drive  my friends intentions are to set up this hull for b/l electric 4s power. Should he set up sub surface or surface drive system for this hull ? Regards Andris Golts.
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    Testing Dunlap 30'' tunnel on 6s .

    Hi all over the last 4 weeks set up the Dunlap 30'' tunnel with a Leopard 4082 1600 KV motor with a 5000 mah 40c 6s lipo . This set up is a real handfull on windy and choppy water conditions with gps readings in the 49-52 mph range. Tonight the water was perfectly flat with no wind i pinned the...
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    Removing prop shaft from K&B 3.5 cc O/B ?

    Hi all . Do i have to loosen the 5 screws on the lower unit to remove the prop shaft ? If i remember correctly i had to turn clockwise to loosen counter clockwise to tighten last time i think i worked with a K&B lower was 1992. Regards Andris Golts.
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    Finally tested the Dunlap W.O.F 30 on 5S and thanks for all the help .

    Hi all finally got my Dunlap W.O.F. 30 tunnel hull set up with a Leopard 3674 1900 KV motor on a O.S. lower unit a Swordfish 220 amp + esc and x440 prop made a 5s lipo connecting a 2S and a 3S lipo in series.First run 51 mph gps reading the boat handled like an outrigger motor, esc and lipo...