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  1. ChrisHerzog

    Boats For Sale New Eagle 15 for sale.

    Sold pending payment I bought this boat about 2 months ago off FB. It was listed as a 21 hull. When I got the boat I quickly realized that it was only 26” long so it’s a 15 size boat not a 21. I’m not sure if it’s one of Andy’s boats or a copy but it is built really well. Maybe Andy can chime...
  2. ChrisHerzog

    Parts For Sale M11 transmitters and receivers for sale

    Guys, I have 4, M11 transmitters and 23 (maybe 25) receivers to sell. Being totally honest here, I know very little to nothing about them. These all belonged to Carlo at CC racing (his personal stuff). I’m a Futaba guy and the wife says that I need to unload some stuff before I can buy anything...
  3. ChrisHerzog

    Looking for a CMB EVO 21

    Anyone have a EVO 21 that they want to sell? New or used in good condition???
  4. ChrisHerzog

    Cool Lil vid from the Gas Nats

    Cool vid from the Gas Nats..
  5. ChrisHerzog

    I’m moving over to the dark side!

    I just about have this old girl ready to go. Just a few little minor things to do tomorrow and we will see what happens with her on Sunday.
  6. ChrisHerzog

    OS 12cv

    How does the OS 12cv compare to the other 12 size engines in a JAE hull?
  7. ChrisHerzog

    Looking for a 1440

    I found one, thanks guys! Does anyone have an Octura 1440 in decent shape that they can sell?
  8. ChrisHerzog

    JAE 67/80 mount

    I’m really digging this mount set up. All in all I think it’s going to work out great!! Hands down, I really think the metal shoulder bolts are the way to go, a little heavy but well worth it.
  9. ChrisHerzog

    My JAE 20

    I still need to clear it but I’m liking the way that it’s looking!!!
  10. ChrisHerzog

    Motor mount for a JAE 60/80 boat

    I bought a JAE 60/80 boat that I plan on building and I have been trying to come up with a cleaver way to secure the motor mounts to the hull. I was just going to go with nylon bolts through the rubbers like on an Eagle SG but then I found these screws. I can tighten them down without pinching...
  11. ChrisHerzog

    ISO An Atlas Van Lines hull

    I have a friend looking for a glass or an epoxy Atlas Ban Lines hull. Does anyone make these?
  12. ChrisHerzog

    Seaducer FE

    Guys I have a new Seaducer FE hull with a motor, motor mount, Speedmaster strut, Speedmaster rudder, shaft, collet and drive dog. Everything is new, I just can’t get excited about it and have not bothered to build it. I’ll let it all go as a package for 245.00 shipped in the continental US. If...
  13. ChrisHerzog

    JAE 26FE

    (SOLD) Anyone interested in this boat, It’s the smaller boat for 3s batteries. I built it a few months ago and brought it out to the pond and ran it maybe 3 times that day. I just can’t get excited about it. It ran fine, can easily make 6 laps, turns and handles great... it’s just not me. It...
  14. ChrisHerzog


    I wish more guys would sell their boats in kit form. I have as much fun building them as I do racing them. I took a break from the two gas scale boats that I’m building and knocked this 20 rigger kit that I won out this week. This is also a great kit to build if you have never built your own...
  15. ChrisHerzog

    On the bench!

    This is my first scale boat that I’m building. It a 1/6 scale 8255 hull from ML Boatworks. So far, really pleased with the fit and the way it’s all going together. Mike’s frame kits sure make it a lot easier then having to cut all this out yourself!!
  16. ChrisHerzog

    LF an OPS 67 Pipe

    Anyone happen to have an OPS 67 pipe in decent shape they would like to part with? I believe the part number was 6780 but it’s been a while so not 100% sure on that.
  17. ChrisHerzog

    “Got Boat Stands!”

    Had some time today to make some new boat stands/starting stands. Just a quick sanding and we can seal them all up!! 4-20 size stands and a 40...
  18. ChrisHerzog

    This came out slick!

    I wanted a way to easily take the dummy motor on and off so this is what I came up with...
  19. ChrisHerzog

    My new 20 Vision is just about done!

    I’m really liking the way this boat has turned out. I am also loving the open servos so much easier to work on. Big shout out and thank you to Gabe at StumpFAB for the custom servo mount, John with SS Custom Fuel Tanks for another beautiful tank and Mike at ML Boats for the hull with his first...
  20. ChrisHerzog

    My little dummy motor for my Thunderboat is starting to come together!

    It’s a mix of parts from Insane boats, a scale guy “Craig Mullen” and his printed parts and some scrap wood in my wood pile!