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  1. sebastiencaron

    OS 9B carburator

    Hi everyone, hobby soulanges have all brand new part to built or rebuilt the fabulous OS 9B carburator. You can see our web site at: Thanks! Sebastien
  2. sebastiencaron

    Need 1987 Miss Budweiser picture

    Hi, i make the 1/8 scale 1987 Miss Budweiser boat and i need some picture. Does anyone have it? Thanks!
  3. sebastiencaron

    WTB Brown 67 Parabolic pipe

    Hi, i want to buy a .67 parabolic pipe. If possible in good shape. Thanks!
  4. sebastiencaron

    Need 1/8 scale Miss Budweiser 1987 decals

    Hi, who made 1/8 scale miss Budweiser 1987 decal? Thanks!
  5. sebastiencaron

    OPS .90 part at 50% off (square head)

    Hi, i have some brand new part for the square head OPS .90 for sale. I get rid of. I sell all the part at 50% off. You can see all the part on my web site at Here the list: 2x .90 head o ring #575420: 3,75$ 10x .90...
  6. sebastiencaron

    Swordfish distributor for Canada

    We are proud to announce that Hobby Soulanges are an official Canadian distributor for Swordfish ESC. Visit our web site at Sébastien Caron
  7. sebastiencaron

    40% off on OPS .90 square head part

    Hi, i need to close out all my OPS .90 part of my inventory. All those part have 40% off the retail price. Take look on my web site at Thanks! Sebastien Hobby Soulanges
  8. sebastiencaron

    25% off on all CMB part in stock

    Hi everyone, all CMB part in stock are in sale. 25% off on all part Buy online on our web site at Thanks! Sebastien
  9. sebastiencaron

    2S,4S and 6S Lipo batteries in stock

    We have a lot of Lipo batteries in stock. We have 2S, 4S and 6S. Go to our web site to buy it: Thanks!
  10. sebastiencaron

    Brand new CMB .21 VAC at a rediculous price

    Hi everyone, we have a brand new CMB .21 VAC in stock. We really need to sell it. You can buy it at a rediculous price on my web site at: Thanks! Sebastien
  11. sebastiencaron

    Chrismas sales CMB, OPS, Speedmaster, Prather and Octura

    Hi everyone, here the Hobby Soulanges chrismas sales: Octura 10% off Prather 15% off Speedmaster 15% off CMB 20% off OPS 25% off Those special are for the in stock part only and they ending December 31. You can buy online at: Happy Holidays!!
  12. sebastiencaron

    Black friday sale on CMB, OPS, Prather and Speedmaster

    Hi everyone, all of CMB, OPS, Prather and Speedmaster part are in sale. They are at 15% off de retail price. This special are for all the weekend. Buy online at: Happy Thanksgiving!!!
  13. sebastiencaron

    15% off on all CMB part

    Hi everyone, all of our CMB part are at 15% off. Go on our web site to buy those part. Thanks! Sebastien
  14. sebastiencaron

    Buy CMB engine and part online

    Hi everyone, if you need CMB engine or part you can go on my web site and buy it online. Go to: We also have other boat stuff. For any question contact us at [email protected] Thanks! Sebastien Caron
  15. sebastiencaron

    OPS .21 NEXT inboard marine engine

    Hi, let me introduce the new OPS .21 NEXT inboard marine engine. You can see the specifiction and picture of this new engine on our web site at For now the engine have slide carb but, the rotation carb are presently in...
  16. sebastiencaron

    OPS3280 pipe at clearance price

    Hi everyone, we make a big special on OPS3280 pipe. We sale it at 30$+shipping. It's 19$ less than the retail price. Hurry up, this special price ends April 5. You can buy a lot of OPS part on our web site at: Sébastien Caron...
  17. sebastiencaron

    CMB engine on SALE!!!

    Hi everyone, we have 2 CMB engine on sale. One .21 VAC at 465$ and one .45 VAC at 515$ Hurry up, you have until April 5 to take advantage of those prices!! We also have, every CMB part in stock for the .45HR and .67HR You can go on our web site to see our inventory at...
  18. sebastiencaron

    New web site, buy boat parts online

    Hi everyone, our new web site is now online. You can buy OPS and CMB parts online. You will find too, other boat stuff. Visit it at If you don't find what you need; don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected] Thanks!! Sébastien
  19. sebastiencaron

    OPS 3280 Pipe Black friday sale

    Hi everyone, here the black friday sale on the famous OPS 3280 pipe. The price is 40$ shipping include. My paypal address is [email protected]
  20. sebastiencaron

    Championnat du Québec (MMQ open), August 4 and 5

    Hi everyone, i invite all District 1 member at our sanctionned race. All IMPBA class for nitro, gas and electric Mounting of the strut behind the transom is allowed for Sport 20, 40 & 60 classes. The course is smaller; the straightaway length is 268 feet. 25$ first boat, 5$ each additional...