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  1. TomGracey

    Parts For Sale P Limited Motor ESC Combo

    For Sale Motor ESC Combo New In Factory Sealed box Dynamite 3831 2000Kv Motor with Cooling Water Jacket Retail $139.99 New never been powered up used for mock up only Dynamite 3878 120A BL Marine ESC- 2s-6s Retail $79.99 Reason FS would not fit in my Battery box Total Retail $219.98 +...
  2. TomGracey

    Parts For Sale O.S. Max XM Ver II

    SOLD New Never seen fuel or Started Includes all Items included from the Factory plus a StumpFab throttle cable bracket and Documentation Reason F/S getting out of the Nitro Classes fuel cost getting to $$$$ 
Asking $500.00 Firm (sorry no Trades needed ) plus 1/2 shipping to the US lower 48...
  3. TomGracey

    Lipo Batterys

    In a P limited Tunnel hull how many heat's can one expect to get out of a 5000ma 4S lipo
  4. TomGracey

    Boats Wanted JDs G30 WOF tunnel

    Looking for a JERRY DUNLAP G30 WOF tunnel to convert to FE must be in mint condition. Ifs been crashed or has Fuel / Water damage NOT INTERESTED
  5. TomGracey

    Lynx 21 FE Conversion

    Anyone willing to share Pic's of your Lynx 21 FE Conversion IE. component (ESC Battery radio box placement) ECT
  6. TomGracey

    Parts For Sale FE Outboard

    FS FE Outboard All New K&B 7.5cc Lower Unit Leopard X2 LEO 4082 1600KV with water jacket Captain Vic Hi Jacker Motor Mount StumpFab FE Adapter StumpFab 40 mm Oiler StumpFab K&B Brass flex shaft liner Asking $295.00 Shipped via USPS Priority & 3.5 % PayPal Fees (note No Fee’s if Friends...
  7. TomGracey

    Parts For Sale FS CMB .45 Muffled Tuned Pipe

    SOLD CMB .45 Muffled Tuned Pipe New never used only Pay-Pal Accepted Asking $45.00 plus 1/2 the USPS Priority shipping cost & 3.5 % PayPal Fees Sorry no trades needed, no International Sales , Low ball offers will be ignored Best to Call or TXT to 360 618 two eight four nine or FB messenger...
  8. TomGracey

    Parts For Sale FS CMB .67 Hr Green Head

    SOLD CMB .67 Hr .67 HR Green Head in very good condition bearing are nice an smooth, very good compression, squash set at .013, Piston & Cylinder very good condition . OS 9B Carb. ASKING $275.00 plus 1/2 the shipping cost(Will meet part-way in WWA) Only Pay-Pal accepted (prefer Friends...
  9. TomGracey

    Parts For Sale FS Woods Racing Products Pro Prop Pitch Gage

    SOLD Woods Racing Products Pro Prop Pitch Gage In as new condition retail $255.95 plus shipping ASKING $210.00 plus 1/2 the shipping cost(Will meet part-way in WWA) Only Pay-Pal accepted (prefer Friends and family option or add 3.5 % to listed price) All Pay-Pal rules apply Sorry NO trades...
  10. TomGracey

    Orlic Prop Pitch Sheet

    Anyone able to supply me with a copy of ORLIC Prop Pitch converstion / Instruction Sheet. If You can copy and e-mail me a copy it will be much appreciated [email protected]
  11. TomGracey

    Parts For Sale CMB 27 EVO 2 Gas Engine

    FS CMB 27 EVO 2 Gas Engine This engine is new has never been Started or seen any fuel Included items Engine Remotely mounted ignition Coil Articulating exhaust header CMB Muffled Tune Pipe SST Square drive Collet 
Retail Cost Engine $975.00 Articulating Header $89.00 Muffled Tune Pipe...
  12. TomGracey

    Seaducer SD3 44" Stock Gas hull

    Out here in Wa. Namba District 8 we have started a restricted MONO Gas engine class. With the ever increasing high cost of nitro fuels and availability of quality Glow plugs. The intent is to keep cost down the only engine allowed is a totally stock Zenoah G260PUM and only OEM replacement...
  13. TomGracey

    WTB Servo horns

    Anyone know who sells this style Servo horn's to fit Savox 25 tooth servos I would like a couple for my tunnel hulls
  14. TomGracey

    Servo horns

    Anyone know who sells this style Servo horn's to fit Savox 25 tooth servos I would llke a couple for my tunnel hulls
  15. TomGracey

    RC Boat Builders /Racers FB Page

    Come join us on the RC Boat Builders /Racers FB Page This page is intended for the Serious Builder to Share your Designs and Building Knowledge to further enhance RC boat building hobby Facebook Groups
  16. TomGracey

    CF Steerting Linkage

    I was finally able to get out in my machine shop an machine parts for the Steering Shaft for my 1/10th scale FE Executone Hydro. Long story short videos and pics are worth a thousand WORDS I plagiarized this idea from one of Scott Myers How To Video's
  17. TomGracey

    Alien Power 300amp 3s-12s lipo Boat ESC

    For Sale SOLD NEW never installed or run Alien Power 300amp 3s-12s lipo Boat ESC Presently programed for 1/8 Scale Hydro's. A download of their software from their site and use of short usb cable supplied with esc. Should U wish to reprogram the ESC and instructions Downloads Retail’s for...
  18. TomGracey

    Gas Bags ver. Hard tanks

    Since I'm kind of rookie to gas boats What if any are the advantages /disadvantages between Gas Bags and Hard tanks other then hard tanks do not have internal baffles unless you have someone build a stainless tank that has an internal sump like John @Tanks 4 you or Walt Barney. ?????? TNX
  19. TomGracey

    SOLD Rossi .67 TO-BE

    SOLD .67 TO-BE Direct Drive Marine Engine w/ Rear Exhaust with the latest updated Connecting Rod plus new Cylinder and Piston & ,Bearings , Header & Tuned Pipe, CNC machined floor-mount engine mount & flex Shaft collet. Has not been run since latest updated Connecting Rod new Cylinder and...
  20. TomGracey

    1/8th scale turn fins

    What thickness 7075 t-6 do U use for Ur 1/8th scale turn fins