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  1. MarkScott

    Cincy site - Red Velvet Ants spotted

    Just want to warn those that come to our site. These nasty little critters have been seen lately. Only places to be seen so far is where the picnic tables location. The whole width of that area is more what I mean. If you see these nasty creature, stay away from it. You will get a nasty painful...
  2. MarkScott

    Sub-surface bouy creation

    The Cincy club bouys have been floating for a few years and it is time to replace what worked, but was a pain to deal with. The old had hooks on the anchor line spaced about 3" apart. Some had three while others had two. Pool noodles ziptied for floatation was iffy if boats ran over the bouy...
  3. MarkScott

    K&B 7.5 Redhead with extra's

    Geraghty prepared K&B Redhead 7.5 Motor has not been run in a couple of years. Always sprayed out with WD and after run oil used. Bearings feel as thought motor would fire right up with no issues. May need replacing. Does not have the brass liner. New flex cable and stock liner...
  4. MarkScott

    WTB 5mm-.187 Square drive coupler

    Looking for a 5mm .187 Square Drive coupler. Will be used with this setup:
  5. MarkScott

    PTI PX-300 P-LTD vid

    Boat setup: PTI PX-300, Aquacraft 2030kv, Hobbywing 180esc, OS lower, 1716 prop. 11000mah 4s.. Yeah, you read that right, 11000mah. They will be used in the PTI PX-335 P tunnel in due time. The 5000mah batts would let the front lift at speed. More weight helped. Vid is taken on the top...
  6. MarkScott

    Lawless Quickshot 3.5 lower - SOLD

    $120 shipped in cont. 48.. Older style cav plate, shorter then current from Fred. Hyperperformance prop shaft included. Liner is in, no flex shaft. Motor mount is for K&B style
  7. MarkScott

    Cincy - CMBC

    Ok, I have to say this. One man is making this club great! We have a great pond, no doubt. No offense to the Blazers, they have done a great wonderful job keeping this club going over the years. As was stated today, new blood and new ideas are/were needed. Mario Johnston... My friend, my...
  8. MarkScott

    Miss Vegas FE conversion

    This came in a fleet of boats I purchased last year. It was converted to FE, but it needed to be redone. All the factory blocks had to be removed as they were still in place. After all was cleaned up, one layer of 5.5oz carbon fiber used to stiffen up the floor. Most of the factory hardware...
  9. MarkScott

    2 - PX-335

    Plan on having some fun this year. These will be full P tunnels, already have a PX-300 for P-LTD. Boats were just finished on the build part. Next will be sealing them in the coming week. Thinking of how to set up the ESC / Servo. Hobbywing 180a, Savox 231-mg for steering. Power will be 4s...
  10. MarkScott

    Delta Force 25" mono rebuild

    Bought some boats from an estate sale. Will be doing some rebuilds of a couple of these during the winter. First up is a Delta Force 25" mono. Everything that was on the boat was stripped off. After some time cleaning up the inside of the transom, 1mm carbon fiber was epoxied down for a...
  11. MarkScott

    Futaba Telemetry Sensor

    Wondering what people are using. 01TE for electric seems the way to go for EP motors, but will they work on nitro motors? If not, then the 01T will do. The S-Bus hubs, do they connect more than one unit? Or is the Terminal box required? Looking for input before spending some $$..
  12. MarkScott

    So, what's in your lake?

    This is just one of the larger fish that swims in the Cincy pond. It may be the only carp. At least it's the largest out there. Easily 2' + long.
  13. MarkScott

    ISO 1740/3

    In search of a 1740/3....
  14. MarkScott

    JAE21OB help needed

    As this is not a tunnel, don't have a clue on how to fix the issues found at today's testing session. Main issue is the boat does not track straight. Spoons were centered before heading out, equally spaced from the tub. Moved the front tube to both right and left offset, 1/8" at the most. Even...
  15. MarkScott

    Help identify this boat

    From a friend of a friend, boater passed away and son is now selling dad's boats. All I know is from a phone conversation and little specifics. There will be three gas boats coming from this collection. First one, with current pics, is this hydro. Pics for a rigger and deepV will be here after...
  16. MarkScott

    Prop suggestions

    Getting ready to toss out my PTI NX-365 with a Nova Rossi .46. And soon enough, will have the PTI GX-480 will be completed. Any suggestions for these two boats would help greatly.
  17. MarkScott

    Futaba R304SB-E question

    Futaba states the R304SB-E is not for GP cars. Ok, no explaination of what GP stands for. Only thing I can think of is Gas Powered. Does that include Nitro powered boats?? Anyone have an idea if this RX would work for boats?
  18. MarkScott

    WTB T101

    Any laying around not being used?
  19. MarkScott

    WTB Button head for MAC .21 OB

    Need a replacement for the stripped out unit.
  20. MarkScott

    JD's WOF plans

    JD's WOF plans are free to download. As the new plans are converted to softcopy, they will be added here. The 34" plans are a bit to large to add in here. Add here or PM your email. An email with a link from will show. When having these printed, make sure they print full size...