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  1. J

    K&B 7.5 Redhead with extra's

    Ive been looking for a p/s for 3yrs for my redhead know anybody who has a pair??
  2. J

    Props For Sale Prather props

    Wow sorry ill still take em if they are available
  3. J

    Props For Sale Prather props

    225 ss still available?? And the bronze 230 if so im in s&b??
  4. J

    K&B 45 Redhead Pro Ouboard

    Want John I've been looking for a P\S for my redhead for 2 yrs. Any parts to sell?
  5. J

    Red Head Parts

    Really just need piston & sleeve
  6. J

    Red Head Parts

    Post A pic
  7. J

    Red Head Parts

    Wanna sell one to me,pretty please
  8. J

    Red Head Parts

    Really guess i missed it
  9. J

    Aeromarine Issues..

    Why would you say that about Andy?
  10. J

    What is a gallon of 65% fuel selling for now?

    Where do you purchase from im in Massachusetts
  11. J

    Red Head Parts

    That gold you got a piston&sleeve
  12. J

    Red Head Parts

  13. J

    Red Head Parts

    Dam whos got em, I know someone knows something. Please help.
  14. J

    OS XM 3.5 OB, .21 and TopSpeed 2 Tunnel

    Wait if you do boat for 100$ and shipping cost combined is 125$ or less I'll take it if more than 125$ I'll pass. Thanks
  15. J

    Selling 3.5 nitro tunnel boats

    Any other marks besides the ones on the left in the pic. Jonathan demaria on fb
  16. J

    Selling 3.5 nitro tunnel boats

    Ill do 125$ if that is shipping included 01757 right now
  17. J

    K&B treasure of parts

    Any 7.5 piston\sleeve matching