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  1. topfuel443

    Carbon Fiber parts, back in stock.

    Hey guys, just letting everyone know the Carbon Fiber OSXM cav plates and Carbon Fiber Vertical Stabilizer fins are back in stock!
  2. topfuel443

    Parts Wanted WANTED! SG80/90 sponsons.

    Badly need a set of Eagle SG 80/90 sponsons in new or good shape. 6.5” boom spread. pic for attention.
  3. topfuel443

    Boats For Sale Leecraft 7.5 Tunnel, ARTR.

    boat is listed in several areas for sale. $400 Great condition Leecraft XT460 with a 8702 (bigger bearing housing) K&B 7.5 outboard. Engine is very smooth and has a perfect pinch at TDC. Has a Carl Brey Carb and is setup for a tuned pipe with the header already installed. Comes with fuel...
  4. topfuel443

    New Octura Props

    Just added a bunch of Octura Props to the Novarossi website. Thanks! Be sure to click on the drop down menu for options.
  5. topfuel443

    Excalibur Pipes, By StumpFAB.

    This is the start of an eventual full line up pipes and headers. Decided to start off with an oldie but goodie. Hundreds in stock and ready to ship world wide. More to come, but it takes time. **NEW Product*** Excalibur 90101 15cc Tuned Pipe. In stock, and a ready to ship! $130.00 plus...
  6. topfuel443

    Bargain Bin, Used/New parts

    Just updated the bargain bin section of the site. Thanks!! click below:
  7. topfuel443

    Jeweled Prop Balancers

    Ok folks, they are ready! Ok folks, time to order.... (I will have the prototype with me at Huntsville this weekend) Got the prototype prop balancer finished and assembled. I have all of the prices to assemble the new balancers that will be for sale. This is a ***Pre-order*** They will...
  8. topfuel443

    Used inboard pipes, scale hydro wings, powerhead, etc

    Got a bunch more used parts listed. Thanks.
  9. topfuel443

    Used and New Outboard pipes, headers, inboard parts, etc.

    Got a ton of used/new mix of items I’m putting on my website, just makes it easier for me to ship by putting them on there. Will be updating with more stuff as the day goes on. If you want to buy, just use the payment options through the site. Thanks...
  10. topfuel443

    Eagle SG Boom Tubes.

    Guys... I’m striking out here. I’m looking for a place to order bulk carbon boom tubes for the older SG hulls. My 80 and .45 boat both have the same size tube, but I can’t find them anywhere. I’ve looked at Goodwinds I’ve looked at Clearwater Composites I’ve looked at Dragonplatr I’ve looked...
  11. topfuel443

    7.5cc/11cc Outboard Propshaft Assemblies

    Got these propshaft assemblies ready to ship, been testing and running this assembly for over a year now with great performance. Buy there here:
  12. topfuel443

    PTI NX/QX400 Tunnel Hull

    For Sale, PTI NX/QX 400 Tunnel Hull. This is a brand new boat, 40” long, intended for the Q (6S) or 7.5cc/11cc class. I run this exact same boat for my .67 Tunnel. Handles the extra power very well and is a very well behaving boat. Boat is built well with epoxy, it’s sealed and ready for...
  13. topfuel443

    Slimline SL2000 Boxxer Fuel Pump Rebuild Kits.

    ***New Product*** We’ve been working on this project for a few months now and are finally ready for public release. Slimline Boxxer SL2000 pump rebuild kits. $18.00, plus shipping. ****This is NOT for the pump itself, just the rebuild kit. NO, we don’t have any pumps available*** Buy them...
  14. topfuel443

    Savox/5th scale servo mounts.

    Added a new part to the lineup after a custom request. Decided to do a little run of them and see how they go. Should work with a few 1/5 scale size servos. ***These mounts we’re designed to fit the Savox SW0240 MG 1/5th scale servo*** Please see the attached picture of that servo for...
  15. topfuel443

    (2) New Outboard Salisbury Power Pipe and Header

    I have two of these setups. Price is for ONE HEADER AND PIPE) Brand New Salisbury Muffled Power Pipes, for 7.5cc Outboard Tunnels. With Brand new NR.46 header/springs. This is a spare pipe and header setup that I have, one comes with a pressure port NOT installed And one comes with the...
  16. topfuel443

    Novarossi .46 Outboard, NEW

    New, never run. Novarossi .46 Outboard Powerhead. Newest connecting rod already installed, motor has never been fired. It was a backup. No box, etc. just what you see in the pics. It is a standard plug head. $420, plus $8 shipping in the US. selling on Facebook as well. Will ship worldwide...
  17. topfuel443

    Ready to Race Seaducer .67

    For Sale. Seaducer 42” .67 Nitro Mono, Ready to Race. This is an older Seaducer 42” hull, but is still a solid boat. There are a few battle scars on the nose, and nicks and bruises here and there. The motor is like new and only has two races on it. It has the most current connecting rod from...
  18. topfuel443

    StumpFAB- New Parts for the outrigger guys!

    Got a few new parts we are manufacturing (In house, made in the USA) now for the outrigger guys. Most of these would be considered "Universal" although I am using my own personal SG/SGX to model them off of, as well as help from various folks for a few measurements. Check out the new products...
  19. topfuel443

    Futaba 603FS receivers, and one 603ff. For sale

    (5) great condition603FS receivers, and one 603FFreceivers, for sale. (6 receivers total) $300 shipped.
  20. topfuel443

    Brand NEW HTB 290

    Here’s something you won’t easily find these days... A brand new, never rigged/never run HTB290 tunnel hull. Comes with an absolutely perfect H&R customs (Rusty Nesbitt) paint job. Everything you see is painted, no decals or tape. Perfect automotive clear coat. The bottom ride surface is not...