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  1. bsmtboy2

    Baltimore model boaters Fall race 2021

    Baltimore Model Boaters are having the fall race hosted by the Delmarva Model Boat Club, Sept. 10 -12 ,2021 at Cherry Lane Lake Queenstown, Md. Race is posted on Signups are open. See you at the Lake.
  2. bsmtboy2


    The baltimore model boat club is once again hosting our spring race at the fort. The race is posted on . For more info leave comment or my inbox. Because of the short sing up window...DO NOT DELAY YOU MAY NOT GET IN!!!
  3. bsmtboy2

    Baltimoremodelboaters 2020 Fall race

    Our club fall race is open and posted on, because of the covid-19 virus ONLY 40 CONTESTANTS allowed. Club members are not included in the 40 count. Maryland virus protocols will be followed.
  4. bsmtboy2

    Baltimore model boaters fall race and Gold Cup

    Baltimore model boaters is hosting our fall race on Sept.20-22,2019 at lake royer on Fort Ritchie. This is our Gold Cup Scale race as well. Sign ups are on Come bring your A game and get your name on the Gold Cup and racing history.
  5. bsmtboy2

    Baltimore Model Boaters Spring race 2019

    The club is hosting its annual spring race April 26-28,2019. Info and sign ups are on
  6. bsmtboy2


    The Baltimore Model boaters are hosting our annual fall event. Registration is open on with race and lodging info. Come and race to get your name on the Gold Cup . See you at the Fort.
  7. bsmtboy2


    We are accepting Class sponsorship and donations for the event. Please contact me here for mailing info. Classes are: LSG 27 MONO : Sponsored by Robin Stebbins LSG 27 CAT : Sponsored by CAPITOL RC MODEL BOAT CLUB LSG 27 RIGGER : Sponsored by BOB AUSTIN PROPWORKS LSG 27 SPORT HYDRO ...
  8. bsmtboy2

    IMPBA 2019 Gas Nats Baltimoremodelboaters Club

    We the members of the Baltimoremodelboaters are proud to be the host of the 2019 IMPBA GAS NATS. We will be giving out info on this thread about the race,location, local attractions,and hotels,camping,and RVing. Thanks to those working behind the scenes to help get this accomplished.
  9. bsmtboy2

    Valleyfield regatta 2018

    The Valleyfield regatta is the premier boat race for the Hydro Racing League. On YouTube it's going to be live this weekend, in the search bar type in hrl and the two links for Saturday and Sunday will pop up.
  10. bsmtboy2

    Rcracingevents site is down

    The site has been down today and I have a race this weekend. Can somebody reach out to Bill and get a eta on when it's coming back online. I need to know asap please.
  11. bsmtboy2

    Red line hotpipe springs

    Does anyone know where I can buy a set of springs since Red line isnt in business any more.
  12. bsmtboy2


    The Baltimore Model Boat club is hosting our annual spring race at the fort. We have moved to the clubhouse side of the lake with an improved drivers stand. The race is posted on so get entered soon. Last year was a fun event and we will keep the going with raffles,prizes and...
  13. bsmtboy2

    D12 season finals and Scale Gold Cup

    Attention all racers, it's that time of year again when the Baltimore Model Boat Club host its season finals and the Tim Lesnewski Gold Cup . The race is posted on For further info please pm me here. Last year was a great event so bring your A game and prepare to have a good...
  14. bsmtboy2

    Baltimore Model Boaters Thunder in the Park 2017 4/28-4/30

    We are proud to once again host our spring race at Fort Ritchie, Md. Lake Royer. Sign up on For more info please respond on this thread. Let's get the D12 party started!!!
  15. bsmtboy2

    Christmas giveaway thread 2016

    Racers, start clearing off your work benches with item you are willing to donate to the giveaway. This will help a fellow boater who may be starting out or a veteran racers who needs that one special piece. Forum Moderators will be posting rules and start date soon.
  16. bsmtboy2

    D12 IMPBA race #4 Joseph A Sparr Memorial

    It's that time once again racers, the Baltimore Model boaters are hosting their fall event . Joseph A. Sparr Memorial race featuring the Tim Lesnewski Gold Cup. Info and registration is on . Who is the scale racer to get his name put on the cup this year?
  17. bsmtboy2

    K&b gold head .21

    Anyone have a gold head air cooled .21 lying around they are willing to sell, mine finally blew up and the case cracked too. I will also take the water cooled version gold head.
  18. bsmtboy2

    Butch Fields Memorial Gas Clash 2016

    Butch Fields Memorial Gas Clash The Delmarva Model Boat Club lost a member this year who was a big part of model boats, Butch Fields. In honor of him The Delmarva Model Boat Club is bringing the Gas Clash back. We will be having this Gas Clash in memory of Butch Fields. May 13-15 2016...
  19. bsmtboy2

    WTB Orlic .21 Novarossi dd carb

    I am in need of a Orlic carb for a Novarossi 21 dd . If anyone has one they want to sell please let me know, race season is coming up soon.
  20. bsmtboy2

    Baltimore Model Boat Club Spring race 2016

    Our club is hosting its 39th annual spring race in Fort Ritchie's Lake Royer. For more info please download the flyer and register online at or by mail. looking forward to the D1 guys racing with us bring them fast boats down! Fort Ritchie Spring race 2016.doc