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  1. Jerry Dunlap

    Parts For Sale K&B 7.5 Red Head & Gold Head

    All the parts are assembled. I am selling 2 K&B 7.5 engines that belong to Frank Ward. Frank was the designer of the Dumas DragN'Fli hydroplanes and also manufactured Wardcraft Deep Vees. Frank retired 5 years ago, built a new house on Duck Lake in Ocean Shores, WA, purchased a lot of model...
  2. Jerry Dunlap

    Looking to Buy Formula 3 Electric Outboard

    If any IW member has one of the Formula 3 Outboards sold by Hobby King or Offshore Electric they would be interested in selling, I would appreciate an opportunity to buy it. I have a couple of projects I'd like to build for this motor, but at the present time they are apparently be produced...
  3. Jerry Dunlap

    Dynamite 15/18 Pipe & 20 Header

    While attempting to "reduce the rubble in my shop," I came across a Dynamite 15/18 pipe I probably used on a 20 Mod Tunnel and a 20 Rear Exhaust Header Pipe. I am asking $10 for either one and that basically covers the cost of shipping. Send me a PM if interested. JD
  4. Jerry Dunlap

    Racing Model Boats When Mt. St. Helens Blew Up

    On Sunday morning, May 18 40 years ago , we were conducting a model boat race in Lakewood, Washington. A little after 8:30 we heard a loud boom from the south. A while later someone heard on the radio that Mt. St. Helens had erupted. Several model boaters from the Portland area were...
  5. Jerry Dunlap

    Repurposing A Nitro Tunnel

    Although I'm retired and do have a considerable amount of "expendable time," this Stay Home-Stay Safe-The Park Where You Test Your Boats Is Closed" added even more "expendable time." So, like probably many other "IWers" I moved a project off the storage shelf and onto work table. About 7 or...
  6. Jerry Dunlap


    Yesterday I managed to run over a large rock with our 2003 Audi A4 Convertible. The rock made a small crack in the transmission case where the oil plug is located. The foreign auto repair shop where I have had other work done, said it needs an entire new transmission. According to them, an...
  7. Jerry Dunlap

    Your First 50 mph/or Faster Patch

    Well, since racing our model boats has been temporarily put on hold for many of us, I thought some reminiscing about a past model boating accomplishment might be appropriate. One of the things I still remember fondly was getting my 50 mph patch back in around 1974/75. The boat was a Dumas...
  8. Jerry Dunlap

    JD Builds a Foam 1/10 Scale 8255

    Late spring of last year I build a 1/10 scale ML Boatworks 8255 wood kit, painted it white, and raced it 5 times in ERCU summer events. The BOAT runs fine, but I thought maybe I could build a "Better Mousetrap" from foam. Well, long story short, after 2 1/2 months of building, testing, and...
  9. Jerry Dunlap

    Castle Creations Barracuda 125

    Is this ESC being offered by Castle any longer? I picked up a new one in a product exchange. JD
  10. Jerry Dunlap

    Slammed Shaman

    Last Saturday NAMBA District 8 Director, Jim Mamaril, hooked his Shaman 40 Stock Tunnel right in front of Bill Mowatt's Shaman. As Jim's boat was rolling over, Bill's boat hit it. Jim's Shaman is probably a total. Bill's boat raced in the next heat. Jim was planning to enter his Shaman in...
  11. Jerry Dunlap

    Gorilla Glue Super Glue

    I came across this Gorilla Glue at my local ACE hardware store the other day. It can be used with a supplied brush or the nozzle. I also received an ACE ad last week containing a 25% discount on items under $50.00 I ended up paying $5.90. I found the brush especially helpful when applying...
  12. Jerry Dunlap

    Gary Preusse's Condition

    I just got off the phone with Gary. He is in a hospital in Elmhurst, IL. He said he slipped on a throw rug in his living room and fell hard. He was able to call his neighbor who took him to the hospital. Gary said it happened yesterday, Friday the 24th. Gary might be a bit confused...
  13. Jerry Dunlap

    JD Builds a BOAT

    Four years ago I started racing 1/10 Scale Hydroplane with the Electric R/C Unlimited club out here in Washington. I began by racing the 1957 Hawaii Kai III belonging to another retired school teacher who loved the full size and model unlimiteds, but wasn't a racer. The Kai was built about...
  14. Jerry Dunlap

    Bobby Tom Has Passed Away

    I was informed on a Facebook posting that long time model tunnel boat racer, Bobby Tom, passed away yesterday, April 30. Bobby worked at K&B Manufacturing for many years and Airtronics. I always looked forward to opportunities to interact with Bobby whether it was at a model boat race or...
  15. Jerry Dunlap

    Flying Shaman

    Shot this photo of Bill Mowatt's Shaman during a 40 Stock Tunnel Race yesterday at Centralia, Washington. Bill's high flying Shaman also won the class.
  16. Jerry Dunlap

    NIB O.S. 21 VII

    I am selling a new O.S. 21 VII for a friend.   He bought 3 of them and only needs 2. The price is $350 + $15 for Priority Mailing in the U.S.   FYI, $400 is the best price I've recently seen for a new O.S. 21 VII.  I don't do PayPal, so a money order/bank check will work fine. JD
  17. Jerry Dunlap

    K&B 3.5 Motor Mount by Octura

    Local hobby shop closing down the end of December :(    One of the left over items is this NIB Octura Motor Mount for a K&B 3.5 Outboard. $15 mailed in the U.S. JD
  18. Jerry Dunlap

    Bocca Bearing Product Number for MAC 21 Bearings

    I am looking for the part numbers for front and rear Bocca bearings for a MAC 21. The bad news - Last Sunday the bottom skirt in the Jim Wilson CMB 21 Greenhead in my Jim Wilson Sport 20 broke and scattered metal pieces throughout the engine. The good news - Mark Anderson offered me his MAC...
  19. Jerry Dunlap

    JD Tunnel Boat Plans

    Mark Scott now has many of the plans/drawings I've done over the years for tunnel boats. Well, at least he will have them in a couple of days. I greatly appreciate Mark's willingness to share the plans. It has been very rewarding to see model boats built from my plans. JD
  20. Jerry Dunlap

    Any Old Model Boat Plans Collectors?

    In an attempt to reduce 53 of model boating "treasurers," I was going through a filing cabinet full of model boat plans. I have 2 sets of drawings/plans for the 1/4 Scale Crackerbox. One set was done by Bill Koster of SoCal and is probably the original drawings/plans for the 1/4 Scale...