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    16002 / 6002A Bearings

    Folks, I have limited stock of NOS 16002 (aka 6002A) C3 bearings with non metallic cages. They come with shields both sides. These bearings are 15mm x 32mm x 8mm and suit some Picco 67/80 EXR motors as well as A90/100s. NOTE: These are not the same as the Novarossi 16002 bearing and will...
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    WTB A45 engine or parts

    Hi. Looking for an A45 engine and piston/liner... any other parts considered Email me at [email protected] Cheers, Craig Chenco
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    K&B 3.5 Rod dimensions?

    Anyone have the dimensions for a K&B 3.5 rod and if any other rods from other engines can be transplanted? Craig
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    Irwin 7.5 pipe length

    OK now I am just about to install my Rossi 45 on the Lawless unit and need to work out how to measure the length and what is a good starting length. The pipe is a muffled Irwin pipe spun alloy with a dome on the muffler and the exhaust exiting off centre. It seems to have about 1/2" flat...
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    Another Ebay special..... we make em fast down here!!!! hehehehe
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    Did CMB make 5 port .90 engines?

    Well its more than curiosity..... I inherited a swag of old engine bits and noticed something strange..... One engine was an original CMB 90 EVO (first of the black cases with gold head and carb part of the engine backplate)... I just peeked into the exhaust port and thought the liner didnt...
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    Carb Bore

    Well guess who just took delivery of a nice new MAC 3.5 outboard :) So I noticed the carb bore is way smaller than a normal 3.5.... Now I would assume a slightly smaller carb would help in being able to throttle the engine but how much smaller is ideal? I am not second guessing Andy and I am...
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    Rules - why have them???

    Well I have stuck my nose in a couple of issues recently and made some lighthearted and some not so lightheearted comments.... Probably time to take this issue a little further... This is an Internatinal forum covering many different associations but the one thing that seems to be lacking is...
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    Grimracer Kits

    Well by now there may have been a hint that EMS Racing was adding a tunnel to the fleet.... That rumour can now be confirmed. Only coz I got my new boat kit in the mail yesterday (Thanx Paul).... I opened it up and there was a big surprise so since I was going to make this observation here it...
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    I should have known better

    Well I got out last sunday for about fifteen minutes of boating before the wind really chopped the lake up and managed to prove my worst nightmare.... I dont learn from my mistakes!!!!!! Lets just go back to about twelve months ago when I had massive problems getting horsepower out of my A45 /...
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    K&B - Any update on production?

    Well as the topic says..... Does anyone know how committed K&B are to making outboard engines??? Maybe some timelines and quantities may help. I dont think any of that first batch of 21s made it to OZ and I heard 45s were on the way but thats about it.....
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    disc vs drum

    For those who didnt go into the CMB 80 needle thread the topic sorta strayed to induction issues with the CMB especially relating to disc clearances. Now the way I was taught was that the disc engines SHOULD be better for lots of reasons. Firstly the area inside the drum is added to the...
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    Picco.... yes I know.....

    Is it just my imagination or are there still heaps of 'brand new' Picco engines still circulating??? Check Ebay item 5972433785 Pretty Green Head....
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    MAC 67 and OS drum possible????

    Yes it seems a crazy idea but it would solve a problem for me. I am building a Chisel nose 1/8 scale and I positioned the engine last night and found to my dismay the carb sits above the deck line and out in the open. I am wondering if it is possible to fit the OS drum rotor to the MAC? I do...
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    Rudder on Chisel Nose

    Folks, Now it has come to the fitting out of my chisel nose I am wondering which side to put the rudder on. I checked some old pics of the Dr Toyota and Oberto and the guys who built them had the rudder on the left hand side. Now I would have thought that you would want all the weight in the...
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    Sad News for Aussie boaters

    I have just been told that David Garrard passed away this morning. I dont have too many details I am sorry. He is a friend that will be dearly missed.
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    Engines in production

    OK folks now there are a lot of stories going around about which engines are and are not still in production or looking shaky.... So we need the real story on the following: Attached is the latest rumour I heard... Picco - my understanding is they are only doing .21 car engines now? OPS - I...
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    Am I seeing things?

    I dont think I am seeing things..... Are the rear sponsons (or ride pads) are plainly different on the rear of this boat????
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    EBAY Australia

    Ya just gotta read this one all the way through....
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    Chisel nose pics

    Folks, I have a chisel nose (7221) hull and have not made up my mind what to paint it yet. I am after as many photos of the Kawaguchi, Dr Toyota, Sunny Jim and Valu Mart versions of this boat as possible to help make a decision on which one to build Thanx in advance... EMS Racing