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  1. Lay26

    Indianapolis/Cincinnati 2021 District Points Race (PHOTOS!)

    Really good photos Mario...some serious boaters and boats there too
  2. Lay26

    Blazer Sport 40 Setup Tips

    From what I remember it's the inner part close to the tunnel that different. The sponsons are built differently, i think the angles are the same though. I would have to double check.. I built this boat so long ago and then nitro died off I didnt get to work it as hard as I would have...
  3. Lay26

    Blazer Sport 40 Setup Tips

    Here it is
  4. Lay26

    Blazer Sport 40 Setup Tips

    believe it or not there is a gen 2 Blazer sport 40 with the front of the sponson modified to get that plowing gone.
  5. Lay26

    Something New that i am working on.

    I could imagine how pissed you were....i dont know if people realize how much work composite parts are....I know I do...looking good so far
  6. Lay26

    Anybody running in the central jersey area all lakes listed....clubs too, race this weekend in Bristol. that page is just for the race flyers
  7. Lay26

    Something New that i am working on.

    whips around the right side nicely...probably could go up on the wheels...looking good so far
  8. Lay26

    L F this part

    try lenny blake Rum Racing Products
  9. Lay26

    Rigger sport hydro

    lowered prices voodoo and 6719/3 SOLD on jims dasboata 2818/20 ...$65 dasboata 6620/3....$50 price includes shipping
  10. Lay26

    Rigger sport hydro

    On the block..price includes $5 for shipping US Slightly used tested once or twice no damage Das 6620/3 small block rigger $55 Das 6719/3ss sport hydro/rigger $75 Oc v967/3 idk who worked it $35 Voodoo 967/3 ss $45 Das 2818/20* big block rigger $75 PayPal cash app or m.o lmk what works for you...
  11. Lay26

    Zenoah 29.5 and E3 plug

    man u almost paid the price of a good motor for that mistake
  12. Lay26

    In the works

    Are you using an airplane radio? cause if the throttle is on ch2 and chan 3 is a mix it doesn't actuate with the trigger? so how are you doing them independently?
  13. Lay26

    In the works

    that makes sense....i like your set up. just seems like i had to get this way out my system. it helps when you could cut your own aluminum....probably tell my race buddy to go that 2 servo route. my cowl is next up
  14. Lay26

    Twins lets see them

    U gotta get some shelves in going to free up alot of floor space...
  15. Lay26

    In the works

    Also settled on the throttle set up and got my drives in
  16. Lay26

    In the works

    The work continues...a little slow but I got these in the bag...paper towel is not a good substitute for breather cloth
  17. Lay26

    Gas outriggers

    How has the boats responded to spreading the booms wider front to rear?
  18. Lay26

    Something New that i am working on.

    your list almost as long as mine...i got my drives done. nice throttle set up and the muffler looks good.
  19. Lay26

    steering problums

    weak steering servos has been a source of problems too
  20. Lay26

    Blazer Marine Slingshot Build!

    bet your heart was beating really fast....good job man!! oh...i see someone got a drive if you took those pics....;)