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  1. MikeP

    JAE 45 build (no wood)

    Started a JAE 45 build from plans using composites in place of wood, pretty much the same process except for the mold for a tub and rear ski. Hopefully it doesn't deviate from the wood version to much. Pitchers are located on the old gallery server.....amazing it is still running...
  2. MikeP

    WTB Straight blade rudder to replace SM tapered (Found)

    Looking for a replacement rudder to replace the tapered Speed master rudder on a SP40 hull. Thanks MikeP
  3. MikeP

    BBY Nitro Sport 40-II

    Has any body seen one of these run or owned one of these BBY nitro sport 40 hulls? http://www.bbyracing...ohydrohulls.asp Thanks Mike
  4. MikeP

    3.5 Hijack mount (SOLD)

    New unused Hijack 3.5 outboard mount 35.00 shipped [email protected]
  5. MikeP

    JAE 45/ A/A 45 (SOLD)

    Hi, Includes everything in the pictures. Hull is assembled and sealed with west systems ready for finishing. Engine bay is glassed. The cowl is epoxy glass. All parts are new It does not have a turn fin $500.00 shipped US This is a really nice boat! -MikeP
  6. MikeP

    Aquacraft Hardware

    I saw one of these boats at the pond Sunday,**&P=ML The rudder on this boat was really nice(except the blue color). It looks like the same size as the Speedmaster mini rudder. It is the same size rudder I use on the .12 .21 .45 riggers I own...
  7. MikeP

    Kick up rudder for Miss Vegas

    I wanted to change the rudder before I tore the back end off the boat. I took some pictures of how I did it if anybody is interested. MikeP
  8. MikeP

    Firefighter .84

    Tom was nice enough to let me have the plans for a FF Gas rigger, I set it up with a MAC .84 and I am very happy with the results. It was fun to cut up some plywood for a change. Thanks Tom Here are some pictures. MikeP
  9. MikeP

    1/4" S bend stuffing tube question

    I bent a stuffing tube for a 1/4" shaft with an S, it seems to have more drag than expected. I use the S bend on 3/16" and didn't notice the friction like I do with the 1/4" So the question is do those of you that prefer S bends do it on 1/4" as well? Thanks in advance MikeP
  10. MikeP

    Whiplash Sport 40 finally finished

    Started this Whiplash a year ago, now it gets wet this weekend. I finished posting pictures in the photo gallery and would like to invite you over to see the finishing pieces. MikeP
  11. MikeP

    Looking for ideas on a 45 hydro motor

    I have been thinking about trying a 45 airplane motor in a 45 hydro as a inexpensive start for a new boater here to play with. The goal is convert it to marine use, run it within the limits of the motor in a FF45 hull and get 50mph. Need help picking a motor, or tell me I am up in the...
  12. MikeP

    Whats wrong with a canard hydro?

    I was wondering why you see very few canard hydros, do they have a problem? Have they been tested and found inadequate. Mike
  13. MikeP

    FireFighter .45 Project.

    The last couple of months I have been building a FF.45 and uploading pictures in the photo gallery. I would like to invite you over to my gallery called Firefighter .45 project and have a look. It covers most of the build from plans to completion. The final parts needed should be here this...
  14. MikeP

    WTB MAC 45 10 deg. header.

    Looking for new or used header in good condition. Mike
  15. MikeP

    Pipe cooling inside the cowl

    I am putting together a Whiplash sport 40 and the pipe is inside the cowl. I would like to know how aggressive I need to be with air flow through the hull. Some thoughts are: Some air flow is good enough. Need good air flow. Need all the air flow you can get because it will still overheat. Mike
  16. MikeP

    WTB Brown 45 pipe

    Looking for new or good used Brown 45 pipe. MikeP
  17. MikeP

    Composite Tub Sides

    I was thinking about making a composite sheet to make some tub sides, I decided to give this a try. It's a simple plaster mold just to make the sides out of. With this I can add features where it's needed. I have added the triangle to the edges for the top and bottom decking to glue to. I can...
  18. MikeP

    New Ip for the Members Photo Gallery

    We did some network upgrades where the photo gallery server is and needed to change the IP of the server. It may be down for a short time while DNS changes are made. MikeP
  19. MikeP

    Speedmaster .21 For sale(Sold)

    Like new but used. Speedmaster hull with speedmaster hardware. No radio gear or motor. Speedmaster motor mount drilled and radio box modified for MAC .21. This hull was bought this summer and I think is the newest version. $300 shipped
  20. MikeP

    Eagle Tree Boat Data Recorder(sold)

    Never got around to setting this up, maybe someone else would like to give it a try. MikeP