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    Boats For Sale 33 Inch Seaducer 20 Mono

    For sale is a 33 inch Seaducer 20 mono in excellent condition. It has all of it's Seaducer hardware and includes it's servos, shaft, and fuel tank. The radio box lid with switch and antenna is included but it looks like I didn't capture it in any of the pictures. The engine mount / linkage is...
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    Parts Wanted WTB - NovaRossi .12 Water Cooled Head Button #28611

    The NovaRossi website is showing them to be out of stock. Does anyone have 1 they would be able to part with? I'm looking for the one that takes standard plugs and works with the NR water cooled jacket. Thanks, Chris
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    For Sale - Vintage 80 Coyote with Picco 80

    For sale is a vintage 80 Coyote just about ready to run. It's in really nice shape and runs well. The boat is 43" long and 22" wide. It's got an 80 Picco engine that is in good condition and some spare parts as seen in the picture. The boat has an Irwin 80 nitro pipe and all it's hardware...
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    For Sale - 40 Inch Cal-Craft Mono with XXL Hardware

    For sale is a 40 inch Cal-Craft mono that I have decided to sell to free up some space. It's in good condition and has nice XXL hardware and Futaba servos. You will need to add fuel tanks but other than that it's pretty much all there. The flexshaft has a square end and the propshaft threads...
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    Help Needed Identifying This Mono

    Does anyone happen to know what type of hull this is as I can't find any markings on it. It's 39" long and 11" across. It has XXL hardware on it if that helps any. Thanks, Chris
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    For Sale - OS Max .46 VXM Engine

    For OS Max .46 VXM engine that is in excellent condition. It has very little run time and looks great inside and out. It comes with an OS Max flywheel and wraparound header. $150 plus $15 for shipping in the continental US. Paypal is good if you pick up the fees. Thanks, Chris
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    WTB Flywheel for OPS .65 or .67

    I'm looking to buy a flywheel for an older OPS .65. Either the original brass or aluminum ones that came on the later .67s will work. Please let me know what you may have. Thanks, Chris
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    WTB 67 Muffled Kalistratov / AB 67 Pipe

    I'm looking for a silver 67 muffled pipe like this to match one that I have here already. My understanding is that they were made by Kalistratov and also sold as AB67 pipes. Please let me know if you may have one you would be willing to sell. Thanks, Chris
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    WTB K&B 3.5 Outboard Engine

    I'm looking to pick up a K&B 3.5 outboard engine. It will go on a boat I'm just looking to complete as something fun to run at one of the smaller local ponds. That said, I'm not looking for anything too special or expensive. Anyone have a stock K&B 3.5 outboard in good shape collecting dust...
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    Speedmaster 20 Gen 2 For Sale

    Up for sale is a 20 Speedmaster. It's a generation 2 so by design fast on the straights. It is painted with Klosskote bright red. It comes with Speedmaster hardware and is just about ready to run (includes fuel tanks, drive shaft not seen in pictures). It's set up for a NovaRossi wrap...
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    WTB CMB Vac 21 Drum Rotor

    I'm looking to buy a drum rotor (the housing is good...just need the drum valve) for a CMB 21 Vac engine. It sounds like Stu doesn't have them so I wanted to check to see if anyone out here may. Please let me know. Thanks, Chris
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    For Sale - Lot of ODonnell Blue Glow Plugs

    I have 73 ODO blues for sale. Price will be $360 plus shipping. Paypal is fine if you send as a friend or pick up the fees. I would like to try to sell them as a lot. 6 are loose...5 look new, 1 is discolored so I'm not really sure as you can see in the picture. Thanks, Chris
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    WTB K&B 7.5 Inboard Case Gaskets

    I'm looking to stock up on some K&B 7.5 Inboard engine case gaskets. Anyone have some they would like to sell? I can buy them directly from Mecoa but I thought I would check here first. Thanks, Chris
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    New Boat - 2016 Oh Boy Oberto

    Just thought I would share few pictures of my latest 1/8 scale - 2016 Oh Boy Oberto. A huge thank you to Ron Zaremski for painting it and an assist from Jim Zaremski. The hull was made by Doug Shepard, the decals are from Mike Mcknight, props will be from Mark Sholund, and Mike Hughes made the...
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    Vintage Hughey Boats - What Wood Was Used?

    I have an original blueprint to one of my early boats and was thinking of making one just for fun. The boat was a Hughey 20 rigger. It was considered the club boat for the Oakland RC Boat Club back in the day (Oxford, MI) and we would hold club races specifically for them. Same concept that...
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    Carbon 60 Eagle Cowl

    Up for sale a new carbon 60 Eagle cowl - $90 shipped. Paypal works if you pay the fees. If you have any questions please let me know. Thanks, Chris
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    1/4" Flex Shaft Lot

    Up for sale are some 1/4" shafts all with 1/4" stub shafts. 2 are new..Hughey 30" in package and 1 that has no threads on the stub. I think it's meant to use a collar to hold the prop on. The other 2 are used but are in good shape and can definitely be used - $100 shipped. Paypal works if you...
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    Parabolic Pipe Lots

    Up for sale are 2 parabolic pipe collections. The 1st ones are 45s and the others are 60 / 80s. I always have a hard time telling the larger ones apart without going back and measuring them so if you would like measurements just let me know. I picked them up as I saw them over the years so...
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    WTB - CMB 45 HR Drum Rotor

    I'm looking for a drum rotor for a CMB 45 HR engine. Would anyone happen to have one available? The housing looks to be ok...just the drum has some pitting so I would like to replace it. Thanks, Chris Capaldi
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    For Sale - Classic Crapshooter?

    Up for sale is what I believe is a classic Crapshooter (twin?). I don't know the history on the boat so if anyone can identify it as anything different than that please let me know. It has 2 driveshafts so that's what makes me think it's a twin. The tub width is 5" inside the sides and the...