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  1. Richard Hartley


    Any recommendations or replacement batteries for Mazor starter The original batteries are getting weak they were 4500 mah 3s lipo with 50c discharge as I understand it but cant find those now Tried a 4s pack but afraid i might bend a rod as they hit really hard Thanks in advance Richard
  2. Richard Hartley

    Pros and Cons

    Please let me know what you think with regards to radio switch in lid or out the side of the tub. Talking Dubro style switch. Richard
  3. Richard Hartley

    thin wall brass tubing?

    Im looking or a source for thin wall brass tubing. Specifically .375in ID by .415in OD Richard
  4. Richard Hartley

    K&B 7.5

    K&B 7.5 Marine with exhaust throttle and venturi Motor feels smooth appears to have very little run time arm on exhaust throttle appears to be upside down Piston has scratch on it but compression feels good and sleeve has no scratches $150.00 shipped
  5. Richard Hartley

    Al Waters

    Thoughts prayers and Good wishes to Al Waters who is in Hospital with Covid-19 Sounds as though they are trying Remdesivir with promising results. Hang in there Al Richard
  6. Richard Hartley

    Temperature and Altitude

    Yesterday in Tucson it was 102F the elevation at the pond is 2250Ft I was able to get my B Mono to run just fine but was unable to get my A Hydro or my B Hydro to even stay on step Tried richer leaner and smaller prop on both but to no avail. Would like to hear from you about what you might...
  7. Richard Hartley

    6 degrees of separation

    OK fellas and Gals Im liking this, especially on race day Stay at least 6 feet away all the time No wash downs, no bumping, You got that? OK lets go race! Seriously though separation is how we will beat this Virus. Lets all do our part. Richard
  8. Richard Hartley


    Here is my new 45 Crapshooter Im a slow builder so it took a couple years to finish Thank You Stu for giving advice and certainly for selling it to me Thank Bradley Maglinger for his advice and the nifty decals I have run it already and it is very quick V5 2117 prop and 50% Torco fuel the 2117...
  9. Richard Hartley

    Carbon Boom tubes

    Looking for sources for good quality Carbon fibre Boom tube material I have used ACP composites and found several others online just asking for input about experience with others. Richard
  10. Richard Hartley

    More pipes

    Three pipes sold separately or together #1 Pico 67 ---------$55.00 plus shipping #2 Cooper came out of a 45 mono $50.00 plus shipping SOLD #3 Prather 67 ---------$55.00 plus shipping SOLD
  11. Richard Hartley


    These carbs for sale plus shipping $20 for each larger carb $15 for each smaller K&B carb [SOLD}
  12. Richard Hartley

    fuelflow? through needle valve

    I know this has been posted before but perhaps some of you could share again. Do you prefer to flow toward the needle as from bottom up or with the needle(side toward down) Hope the question is clear enough. Reasons for your choice would be appreciated. I have done it both ways on different...
  13. Richard Hartley


    Received my props today Mark and they are absolutely BEAUTIFUL Will try them all Wednesday Thank You Richard Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Richard Hartley


    Cast muffler large probably fits 90 size $15 shipped in USA
  15. Richard Hartley

    NOVAROSSI 67 for sale

    Novarossi 67DDA for sale Turbo head motor, new has never seen fuel I put a mount on it to see how it fit and decided I did not want to use this motor Included header still in package $520 for motor and header shipped in US
  16. Richard Hartley

    Motor location

    This may be an Andy Brown question I am installing a 45 VAC where an rs was installed prior in a 45 SGX  Ask me why I am removing the RS, sometimes it is preference, not this time if i showed you a picture of inside of rs you would get it Question is how far toward the rear of the boat can I...
  17. Richard Hartley


    Happy Thanksgiving ! To all our friends and to the entire boating community If you are traveling be safe Richard and Kristine Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Richard Hartley

    Nova 21

    Nova 21 lot for sale $150.00 shipped in continental US The assembled motor came out of a running boat , I have just gone to something else As you can see the sleeve has been worked and the piston and head look good Richard
  19. Richard Hartley

    Tunnel for sale

    30" Aqua craft outboard  tunnel for sale This is fiberglass and has a couple of small repairs There are no servos and it comes just as seen in the pictures $40.00 plus shipping first Ill take it
  20. Richard Hartley

    Twin Length

    What is the average tub length for a 67 twin?