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    Expanding foam

    I have to agree with Mr Hughes on this one. Unless you are very careful on amounts and locations where the foam is placed, it can destroy a boat and yes, been there seen that. It can be done, as shown by Scott Meyers in one of his videos:
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    Local Coverage of Gas Nats Evansville, IN 2021

    That's the kind of publicity we need. The reporter may not have shown a lot of excitement about the event but the fact she was there and actually reporting on it is FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!!!!
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    Hull # ?

    9401. Just for clarification, it only raced in the winged configuration as the Budweiser and that was only in 1994 and maybe 1995. It was sold in 2003 to the U-8 team where it was reconfigured into a conventional full hull and became the Llumar Window film from 2003 to 2005. From 2006 to...
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    Hull # ?

    Just curious Kevin. Did you leave the area between the wings open or did you do what some have and cover the bottom with clear plexiglass? I've heard the boat can be "interesting" to drive either way o_O
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    Hull # ?

    How about a little information overload? T-1 was the 8407 Lite All-Star, remodeled into what we saw on the water and in the Budweiser commercials T-2 was the 8701. T-3 was the 8901. T-4 was the 9401. It was driven by Mark Evans to a victory in Madison Indiana while the other two boats were...
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    What do you like for a soldering iron

    I like an adjutable butane powered iron since I can take it to the pond with me and they tend to get hotter than an electric
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    Scale for sale

    So Chris, now that you have a scale boat, does this mean I need to bring one if the wife and I make it down to Mobile in mid to late June of 2023? Depending on our jobs, we could be coming down for a convention during that time frame so, just curious
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    1/8 scale cowling

    Not the Bud Light, the front of the cowl would still be sitting on the deck instead of having a pointed front extended past the bulnose. It's from the 1979 Circus Circus, hull number 7931 that was driven by Steve Reynolds
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    9516 Hull Question

    Just got home and checked my boat, the engine bay is offset to the right by half an inch. That works out to 4" to the left on the full sized boat. As I said in my previous post, not enough to argue over if you want to run a centered engine bay in yours
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    9516 Hull Question

    Works for me. What I was looking at was the bottom of the Ellstrom lettering on the deck. It's slightly closer to the sponson inside on the left side than it is on the right but not enough to make it worth arguing over. If you haven't gotten the paint yet, the colors used on my boat and...
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    9516 Hull Question

    IIRC, it was offset slightly to the left. I have an R/C Sportcraft version of that hull so, if you're interested, I can take a quick measurement after I get home from work and let you know how it is set up. Last I knew, unfortunately, the full sized boat was on display in Oregon so I can't...
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    GAS Engine's, Basic Info

    Trust me, this one is going to get put to work. It's going to be in a 1987 Miss Madison gas scale that I'm presently building. Just a matter of getting time to work on it ☹
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    GAS Engine's, Basic Info

    To be honest, when you mentioned the CMB, you got me curious as I have the 27cc gas engine at home(unfortunately, I'm presently at work :(). I figured it would be an easy one to look up so......
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    GAS Engine's, Basic Info

    Rod, you are correct on the CMB, it has a single piston ring shown on the IPB. It's listed as part 11 but also shown as part of assembly 9(piston and ring)
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    Looking for more K&B carbs.......!

    OMG!!!! Someone still uses K&Bs!!! Would you like a laugh, Bill? I have one 7.5 and two 11s inboards in my garage, only the 7.5 has had fuel through it. Had to replace the case and rod on the 7.5 roughly 30 years ago due to a lower end failure, haven't put fuel through it since due to the lack...
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    Sponsons and Tub Tips

    Shawn, did we kill this thread? After you and I posted, it kind of died
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    Sponsons and Tub Tips

    I may not run riggers but some of this I've heard before when discussing full sized unlimiteds and scale boats. Way back in the 1950s, there was an argument over the shape of the deck. One school of thought was that the deck needed to be arced higher for more deck pressure to hold the boat down...
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    ISO An Atlas Van Lines hull

    Chris, any hull in particular? These are the ones listed in the master hull roster: Hull 6835, 1968 U-35 round nose, don't have any information on it Hull 6880, former Smirnoff. Ran in 1971 as U-70, placed 2nd in the Madison Gold Cup Hull 7029, was mostly an "also ran". It never won a race...
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    West 410 filler ???

    I haven't used the 410, have used the 407. If you plan on just using it to fair out a joint or make fillets, it will work fine. If you want to do anything that is more structural, I'd go with the 407 instead. I primarily use the 407 for low stress areas and 406 where I need a bit more...
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    On the bench!

    Can't say on sport 40 8255 kits since I'm not really a fan of that boat. Granted, it's easier to build since it didn't have tails or a wing in its more popular liveries, just a hull and cowl. That's probably the biggest reason many build it as the Executone, Speedy Printing and Oberto. As for...