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    Newbie needs help

    Okay guys, here's the deal. A newbie, in another forum, started a thread asking for help. Apparently, he bought a package that included a helicopter(he's an experienced pilot of those) and two boats with a bunch of parts that his wife wanted. He wants to assemble them but has no clue on what...
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    Could you explain this?

    With this new forum programming, we are now all given a "media score" and a "reaction score". Could you please explain what they are and if we should care about how high our scores are? Thanks
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    New boater needs help

    Okay guys, trying to help out someone in another forum. Here's his initial post and a video showing his boat on the water: Hi all I have a boat I 3d printed and threw a old engine in , but I don't know much about boats so I was wondering if I could have some wisdom. here is a video of what it...
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    A shout out to President Hobbs

    Since the latest Propwash is out, I skimmed through it. Lots if interesting info but what really caught my attention was an article written by Al Hobbs on Page 14. I'm not going to go through and paraphrase what he wrote as it's available to all already. What I will say is I like what Al said...
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    Trying to help someone in another forum

    As I said in the title, this guy needs help and he's not getting it in the other forum. Since some of you know a lot more than I do about ESCs, batteries and motors, I figured I'd throw this one out to you. Here's his first post: I’m running this on a bench on a rig to test for thrust and...
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    Anyone Know What this is?

    Okay Guys, Trying to help someone out in another forum with a boat he has recently picked up. Since he's not really getting any help, thought I'd bring it over here for you all to take a gander at. Here's his first post: Hello all, I recently picked up an apparently old(er) nitro hydro...
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    J Michael Kelly wins Columbia Cup

    Pending tech inspection, JMK and the U-12 Graham Trucking won the final on the Columbia River. Jimmy King took second with the piston powered U-3 while Jimmy Shane took the third spot with the U-1. JMK took a chance, laying back and hit the start line almost perfectly timed and with a head of...
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    1979 Squire Shop Question

    Since I'm not an expert on the 7902 hull, I figured I'd throw this one out and see if anyone knows the answer. Did the crew use a cockpit made from the same mold as the 8806 Miss Madison when they enclosed the cockpit on the Squire Shop? To me, they look like they are the same, so if anyone...
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    8806 Miss Madison

    Okay, at the request of Duke Mordja, I'm starting a thread on this boat. As many already know, the boat was originally built by Ron Jones and based on the design of the 87 Budweiser T-2 hull, but with a couple of major differences: 1) The bottom was changed to carry the additional weight of a...
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    2017 Madison R/C Regatta

    Is there any word yet as to when this is going to be held? I know the big boats run 6/30-7/2 but, unfortunately, there's nothing listed for R/Cs on the Regatta websites
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    Is this something we boaters need to worry about?

    Was reading another forum and found this article linked. Rather than put in the link, I'll just post the article: A security researcher has devised a method of hijacking a wide variety of radio- controlled airplanes, helicopters, cars, boats and other devices that use a popular wireless...
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    Scale Color Data Base?

    Had a thought earlier today that MIGHT help those of us that build scale hydros. I was toying with the idea of a sticky thread that has the color numbers of the various boats over the years. For instance, the 2000 9516 Elam uses HOK day glow orange and white. The 2001 0116 Elam uses the same...
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    So, who's going to be first?

    With the 2016 H1 season already on it's second race, who's going to be first the build a scale with a 2016 paint scheme?
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    NR 21 5 Port Head Clearance Setting

    I just picked up my third one of these and am curious if changing clearances is advisable or even needed. Reason I asked is I printed out the exploded diagram for the T21-5M/2 and it shows two .30mm and one .10mm shim installed but with optional shims of .15, .20 and .25mm as "optional". Since...
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    Looking for a Narrow Engine

    I'm thinking about building a boat but, unfortunately, its engine bay only has a 4.5" wide access per the plans. This pretty much rules out any side exhaust engines so I'm looking at one of the engines with the exhaust over the output shaft. Any thoughts or suggestions, other than modding the...
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    Cutting Carbon Fiber

    Yesterday, I obtained some CF tubing and rod from TAP Plastics to fabricate a rudder pushrod for my 2000 Elam. When cutting the tube, using an Exacto razor saw, I had breakout so bad along the cut that I would have failed myself had I been being tested on it at work. Is there an easy way to...
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    2015 Madison Regatta Schedule

    With summer just around the corner and a cross country road trip being planned, the wife and I were considering swinging through Madison on the way home. The only problem is there isn't anything posted on what's happening during the week leading up to the actual H1 race. Since we won't be able...
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    Congrats to Scott Liddycoat

    Here's a cut and paste from the H1 website: Jones Racing has announced that Scott Liddycoat will be the team’s driver in 2015. Liddycoat was H1 Unlimited Rookie of the Year in 2011, and UIM World Champion. In 2012 he drove the 88 Degree Men for USA Racing Partners and drove the U-37 for...
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    Dangerous Dave Strikes again, second time in two weeks

    For the second time in two weeks, a Dave Villwock piloted U-37 gets into it with the Oberto. According to the H1 website, both the Oberto's Jimmy Shane and Dave decided to cross the infield during the mill. Once again, Dave's boat hit the Oberto's left sponson, this time at the rear, damaging...
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    "Dangerous Dave" strikes again

    In heat 3B of the Columbia Cup, the Dave Villwock driven U-37 Beacon Plumbing hit the U-6 Oberto, damaging both boats. Long story short, Dave hit a bouy in Turn 2, slid out and hit the front corner of the Oberto's left sponson. This resulted in a 2-3 foot chunk being taken off the rear of the...