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    pipe sale

    Here are some old pipes 40 and 60. New Black cmb40 muffled $20, all others $10. Shipping $10 each box.

    Stealth gas sport hydro

    I have my Stealth gas sport ready to run, too darn hot now HA. I will test at the Evansville race this weekend.

    New gas Tboat

    Well with this shutdown going on I got into a new project. have not had a T boat for a while and will give it a test and ready to race.

    ML gas scale kit for sale

    Here is a gas scale 1/667 ML kit for the Karlesen 101 boats Mir 6740. Timex, Bud, Oberto. . I have the Classic Merlin Motor kit with this. Kits not assembled $200 price shipped. Email


    i have post in for sale gas scale 1/667 ML kit for the Karlesen 101 boats Mir 6740. Timex, Bud, Oberto. . I have the Classic Merlin Motor kit with this. Email


    Here is a option to make turn fin for sport40 or scale hydros, hard to get any one to make a good fin. Get a JAE 45 turn fin from ZIPP it is a good size with the curve on the bottom. Cut off top .5 inch for the scale and 1 inch for sport40 size. I would like to see ZIPP make up some...

    Futaba 3pv SOLD

    For sale new 3pv $110 shipped

    .21 bearing sets

    SOLD Here are three sets of .21 bearings Im sure fit Mac 21,, CMB or others ? 6000T9H- ZC3 ID 10, OD 26, WIDTH 8 607-T9H-RB-C8 ID 7, OD 19, WIDTH 6 Plus 2 sets so so condition $50 shipped usa

    MAC 21

    SOLD I have this Mac 21 for sale. It has the latest CMB evo cylinder in it, seal is good. $225 shipped.
  10. P THOMAS

    Novi Rossi 21 DD mono

    Well I bought a new novirossi 21 DD for my mono. any tips out there for this setup? Ran a tank of fuel thru it to loosen it up some, ran it to temps of 110 to 150 so it was bit rich. It will start without the wrench now. Motor sounded good and responded well to throttle, will give it a...
  11. P THOMAS

    U 37 06 Miss Seattle

    I have been working on this scale hydro project for a while it is getting close to prime and paint.
  12. P THOMAS

    Assault gas mono

    picked this  mono up when I was in Fla  Ordered up all the Speedmaster  hardware for it, Zipp turnfins.  Just need to finish up some water lines and fuel setup and it will be ready to test.  Wes Ellet did the Mtn Dew  graphics  I think it looks good with that color. 
  13. P THOMAS

    Stealth hydro

     I have a Stealth 21 hydro and a Stealth 45 hydro for sale.  21 is 30" long and 45 is 36" long.  They can be setup for FE or  nitro power.  $250  for the 21 Stealth shipping$30 Choice of  Stealth or turbine style cowls Stealth21 SOLD $350 for the 45 Stealth shipping $40 I have 4  cowl...
  14. P THOMAS

    Stealth 21 hydro SOLD

    I have a new Stealth 21 hydro for sale,  30 inch long epoxyglass hull and cowl  Can be setup for nitro or FE power $250 plus ship costs email me
  15. P THOMAS

    Phil Thomas Hydros

    I have my web page updated with new products info and pictures and video
  16. P THOMAS

    Roadrunner gift Cert

    i have a gift certificate from Ralph It is 50% off a roadrunner single engine kit, if anyone would like to get this message me Cert is taken Thanks
  17. P THOMAS

    67-80 Road Runner turn fin

    Here is a new turn fin I dont need,, it is a new one $50 shipped SOLD
  18. P THOMAS

    Phil Thomas Hydros radio boxes

    Here are some radio boxes I have for sale they are $25 each $5 for shipping
  19. P THOMAS

    Phil Thomas Hydros

    Several size radio boxes, epoxyglass with tape on .080 lids. . . $25 each $5 for shipping pay to paypal
  20. P THOMAS

    Phil Thomas Hydros radio boxes

    I have several size radio boxes for sale $25 each shipping $5 Facebook link