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  1. Marty Slater

    ML PS 295 tunnel

    i got a 295 with a 2030 kv turnigy aquastar 120 esc 4cell 5000mah batt what would be a good prop to start with marty
  2. Marty Slater

    thank you my brother from anther mother

    Walster for coming over an celebrating my birthday an playing with our toy boats marty
  3. Marty Slater

    I have no gallery pictures any more ?

    what did I do mashed the wrong button again? marty
  4. Marty Slater

    Bad day of boating !

    Turned in to a very good day hope you come back soon you ol washed up has been i will be looking for a good pit man marty
  5. Marty Slater

    Happy Birthday Butch

    at least it didnt snow to day  :huh: have a good one
  6. Marty Slater

    old goat birthday Wally

    sure hope it is a fantastic day for my OL friend  get out an enjoy this day hope to see you this summer 
  7. Marty Slater

    Happy Birthday Rodney

    hope it is a great day olman marty
  8. Marty Slater

    GR turns 55

    hope it was a fantastic day olman see you in a few weeks i got the first round marty
  9. Marty Slater


    48 dam still a pup hope it was a good one see you in Mendota? marty
  10. Marty Slater

    Butch is 55 today

    hope it is a GOOD DAY for you Butch hopping to see ya in about a few more weeks then I looked out the window an seen all this pretty white **** marty
  11. Marty Slater

    moparbarn 66

    ​ hope you are getting better ​to make it right ​marty
  12. Marty Slater

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY WALLY you ol goat

    here's to many more have a very good 1 to day my friend you going to make it over this summer marty
  13. Marty Slater

    Chris Woods 40 HB

    hope it is a good 1 DAM it sucks you are getting OLD marty
  14. Marty Slater

    Steve Wood 68

    Dam Steve i would have gused you an Phil were about the same age hope it was a fantastic day hay are you going to come up an play toy boats I will launch an retrieve them for you just show up marty
  15. Marty Slater

    hay Robin its going on 2nd season now lets talk

    i think this needs to come to an end Marty Slater
  16. Marty Slater


    please leave your comments of owning a trailer I would like to hear from you about brands warranty ​axels iam thinking 2 witch kind 12 maybe 14 foot side door ramp rear door or brakes any thing else you might think of. experiences you might have had marty
  17. Marty Slater

    Happy Birthday Butch

    got ya by 4 hope it was A good 1 marty
  18. Marty Slater

    Richie 53 Dam here i was trying to catch up

    you need to catch up with me hope it was a good one marty
  19. Marty Slater

    moparbarn hoping it was a good one

    its good to see you out an about marty
  20. Marty Slater

    Dam Wally you still getting older

    hopping you have the BEST day to day an MAYBE some day you will let me catch up with ya I am thinkin we will see a little more of you this year or are you going to put that Dragon in a CAGE marty