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    Understanding FE power VS IC

    3AM you wake up to "P" and your mind goes WTF Anyway I hope we can open up and share some ideas and viewpoints on "power" how it's determined and how it relates to boat racing classification. This is my conception and not gospel by any means so feel free to jump in anywhere. Internal...
  2. HTV Boats

    Full size offshore power.

    [ENG] ANVERA ELAB - High Performance Full Electric Powerboat Review - The Boat Show - YouTube This was on OSE and maybe an insight into the future that's already here. Worth watching even if you don't want a TESLA' Mic
  3. HTV Boats

    .21 OB things I do not need

    1. props S&B $45 ea 1515 1516 1519 ,2 Rossi tune pipe and OS .21 header $60 3. GO rod piston & liner. 19.5mm - 16.3mm bore $80 3 exhaust- 5 intake & 2 boost ports fits NR 4. .21 Vision hull with servos & fuel tank $ 175 hull was upside down & sponson bottom sliced. Structural repair and I...
  4. HTV Boats

    Cooper .21 OB pipe & Albritton carb

    1. Cooper pipe $350 2. Albritton .350 bore carb & needle $100 3. Both $410 First I will take it on any # has priority. Offers then will be considered. You pay shipping and fees carb 15mm neck (NovaRossi) .350 bore I will post anther thread with misc parts
  5. HTV Boats

    Vision 21 tunnel Nova RX 3.5 & Cooper pipe

    This boat has some minor dings but running surfaces just fine. Was Shawn Junkers personal boat before Jay took it to the Internats. US-1 so we bought it. Drake prepared NR .21 RX, OS lower with Cooper (Unobtanium) pipe and Albritton .350 bore carb. ABC 1515-19-38 and Solar digital servos so add...
  6. HTV Boats

    21 & 45 Outboard & misc pats

    Cleaning out some stuff I don't need. .21 OS water cooled complete running engine, good compression. $260 sold pending Payment .45 outboard powerhead $60 .45 K&B can muffler motor w/lower unit $125 K&B .45 outboard with Magic Muffler and lower unit. $135 .21 GO Motor with OS style PTO...
  7. HTV Boats

    K&B Goldhead .45OB powerhead

    K&B Goldhead with carb and custom K&B needle. This is a winning can muffler motor we ran once a year. Time to thin out my workroom. Good bearings and compression. $175 shipped lower 48. Mic
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    OB motor wire sealing

    Many different ways to do this but here is what I have found works for me. If you put a short piece of silicon tube stretched over the wire it gives the shrink tube something to grab for a better seal. Pics should explain.
  9. HTV Boats

    What's new in 7.5 size FE equipment?

    This is a response to Greg Johnsons question in a 10 year old thread so you don't have to reread old info. So this is what I see after 10+ years of FE experience. P/Limited has not grown much, with 27-30 boats that are difficult to stay upright. Even small 36mm motors have a little too much...
  10. HTV Boats

    World Tunnel Champs - Classes & local rules?

    As entry does not open until May I cannot see exactly what classes are running though I assume they will what has run in the past. My family has been involved with the WTC since they ran at Walterboro before Charleston. I was one of the initial promoters for a exclusive tunnel race at the...
  11. HTV Boats

    FE Florida Fall race scheduled Sat Nov 21st

    After meeting with the Brandon club it is evident no racing events can be held there this season. The Ft Pierce Wave Blasters stepped up and with the help from the Sarasota club to host and a one day fun race will be run at Palm Lake Park. 1/8th mile short course on a well protected pond...
  12. HTV Boats

    RR FE Twin video

    Hope this works? When I see videos all boats look fast and the "butt dyno" is poor info. Any boat runs well all by itself. This boat tracked and turned very well. Since this was the first outing Jay purposely did not attack turn pins and went inside the first turn and way wide on turn 2. When I...
  13. HTV Boats

    New Twin for open.

    -Sparky X 2
  14. HTV Boats

    New old Tunnel class growing.

    Sad to say tunnels here in Florida (once the home of the Tunnel Boat Mafia) have declined to endangered species candidates. Good news in the past couple months I know of 7 new builds. (new growth) I gave Isaac Lathrop an old Leecraft 45 and he showed up at the FE Sunshine race in the Q/limited...
  15. HTV Boats

    2020 Sunshine results I have photo's and scores posted on OSE. Link will take you there. (saves me a lot of time) Complete scores will be uploaded on RCRacing events as soon as Bill gets back from work in Michigan and...
  16. HTV Boats

    super servo? I have bought a few items from RCJuice and the service was good. This servo should turn anything and a pair might do a gas OB? 778oz@6v. Mic
  17. HTV Boats

    World Tunnel Endurance race-rules?

    Are FE boats allowed? I heard it is a 30 min race with pit stops and 3 driver teams using the same boat? Are you running 30 min straight or say 10 minute stages allowing a retrieve of dead boats. I would hate to own the dead boat that dunks 3 minutes in and becomes a course hazard for 27...
  18. HTV Boats

    2020 FE Champs, Branndon FL getting closer March 7-8

    As of today 20 drivers and 75 boats entered. Actually pretty good since I know there are 10-15 locals who haven't signed up yet. Get on the list and mail in your fee's later and avoid PP. Classes we don't normally run in D-3 already qualified are P/Lmtd Hydro and Sport Hydro. Our regulars like P...
  19. HTV Boats

    .21 OB powerheads Nova & GO/OS baseplates

    .21 Nova with header and .340 carb (was a Drake motor) $200 .21 GO Motor .312 carb $125 plus actual shipping lower 48 or pick up at Brandon race Both have good compression
  20. HTV Boats

    15mm Nova Rossi neck Carbs .312-.375 (pick up at Brandon)

    1. Albritton .375 $95 2. Orlic 9mm -.353 $95 3. Unknown .346 bore $30 4. K&B red .340 bore 15mm adapter $40 5. K&B gold .312 bore 15mm adapter $40 all carbs have (nova) 15mm necks. add actual shipping (lower 48) I will be at the Brandon race to save shipping