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  1. PiroSteel

    CMB 35 RS Engine, new

    Hi, You can still buy a never fired and rare CMB 35 RS engine. It's ringed ABC version The CMB 35 RS Engine is $ 1703 Engine mounting is $ 88 Original 35 RS Silenced Pipe is $ 271 (I have to check the exactly shipping cost to you) For this set you can get maybe any better price...
  2. PiroSteel

    Wtb P80 Head Jacket

    Hi, I'm looking for a good friend, a P80 Over Water Jacket if you have one alround you. As like on the picture Thanks!
  3. PiroSteel

    F/S - K&B 7.5 Outboard

    Hey, Look at this;
  4. PiroSteel

    F/S MAC'S 13 cc and OPS 3,5 cc muffled pipes

    Hi, I have here for anybody two excellent and rare pipes. MAC'S 13 cc pipe (Part No. 389) was only tested once and with cooling jacket and header for P80 (the original P80 header is also in the package) I'm asking $ 149 additional shipping USPS with tracking number $ 28...
  5. PiroSteel

    Toys'Port P51 Mustang from our small size Spark Plug

    Toys'Port P51 Mustang from our small size RC Gas Spark Plug Hi, I have a lovely Gift for your workroom, office table or anywhere. It's laser cut and laser-welded from 1,5 mm stainless plate. (the prop is from 1 mm hardened stainless plate) This little project was inspired by this thread too...
  6. PiroSteel

    Novarossi MX 15 PR 2,5 cc Marine Engine

    Hi, I have to sell a high quality Novarossi MX 15 PR 2,5 cc Marine Engine :cool: It was still never used. Pull start too. It's yours for $110 plus a little shipping cost. PayPal fee could now on me. Send me a message with your ZIP code for shipping quote. Thanks Joseph
  7. PiroSteel

    Toys’Port Syncron 27" P-Mono

    Hey, You have the possibility to buy for this and some more summer this pretty good and strong Custom Mono racing boat model. Toys*Port Syncron  27" P-Mono is ready until the stage as you can see on the pictures: assembled with flood chamber, motor holder, drive system with 0.150 Octura...
  8. PiroSteel

    Toys’Port 28" Syncron P-Mono only this one rare

    Hi, Toys’Port 28" Syncron P-Mono only this one rare custom design, assembled with motor mounting, stinger with 0.150 Octura flex shaft, rudder system, fins almost Ready to Run The boat was nerver used, has radio box and a rib plate on the front as on the pictures to see. (so the boat can never...
  9. PiroSteel

    Novarossi 2,49 ccm Marine

    Hi, I have to sell a never used Novarossi MX 15 PR with Marine head. The motor has still a great ABC piston-liner and turbo plug. New price was here € 250 ($ 280) I would like have $ 180 Shipping cost $ 15 If you want I have for: a fine alu motor mounting with 4 pcs anti vibration...
  10. PiroSteel

    Toys’Port 35" FE Jolly Catamaran

    Hi___ Toys’Port 35" Jolly Catamaran assembled with rear tunel_edge, strut, 2mm wire shaft and rudder system, almost RTR. I made some test runs with V1 hull again and the strut was on 4 mm, on zero and as now 2 mm tested. It runs in the bend not so great than the 32" Pro Marine Skater but in...
  11. PiroSteel

    Syncron 28" Mono with 2,5 cc Novarossi

    Hi_ I have a never used unique boat may be for the new generation to start ! 28" Syncron P-Mono with 2,5 cc Novarossi assembled with all hardwares, rc box as in the pictures for only 600 $ (shipped) Additonal remark A ready standard white electric 720 mm Syncron costs with flood chamber and...
  12. PiroSteel

    CMB 35 RS

    The engine is original new from box. New price 1505 € Now you can have it for 1045 $ shipped (red engine holdering is as jackpot) Thanks
  13. PiroSteel

    Looking for Stryker Y6

    Hi, I'm looking for a used only hull Stryker Y6 Thanks
  14. PiroSteel

    28" Syncron Mono with 2,5 ccm Novarossi

    Hi all here, I'm coming from OffshoreElectrics forum becouse here are many more nitro friends I have for sale a never used unique boat. 28" Syncron Mono with 2,5 ccm Novarossi assembled with all hardwares, rc box as in the pictures for 900 $ This isn’t cheap but including more work time...