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  1. dave roach

    Irwin Pipe

    I am looking for a inboard 21 Irwin nitro pipe new or good used uncut. what do you have Dave
  2. dave roach


    I ran across a site called doctorprops.Doe's anyone know any thing about them. Dave
  3. dave roach

    flow meter

    Allan Yuen You have a PM Dave Roach
  4. dave roach


    Go to A Collector of tether @ Model Boats On Youtube By Kent Lund.A very Interesting story.If you know anyone with a tether boat Kent web site is
  5. dave roach

    Total boat

    Has anyone every use total boat epoxy and what do you think of it. Dave
  6. dave roach


    I have a 21 jae for sale nice boat built by me and not wreck,comes with Walt Barney fuel tank,All servos.Flex cable,a short cowl long cowlHas the Tom David Sponson,Just add you engine pipe Radio and third channel needle.Boat stand Does'nt come with it.Asking $275.00 Plus Shipping in the US only...
  7. dave roach

    Andy Brown

    I need Andy Brown phone no.. Thanks Dave
  8. dave roach

    looking for a ops 3280 pipe

    I'am looking for a new ops 3280 pipe.What do you have. Dave
  9. dave roach

    For sale 21 CMB vac blue head

    I have a new never seen fuel 21 CMB Vac blue head engine done by Jim Wilson for sale.$300.00 plus shipping in the US only.Pictures posted by Mark Scott
  10. dave roach

    Mike Betke

    Hi Mike You have a PM Dave Roach
  11. dave roach

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Ron Zaker Jr
  12. dave roach


    Looking for Mark Scott Phone NO.
  13. dave roach


    What the ready to run weight for a 21 JAE-GT Dave
  14. dave roach


    What,s a good weight on a 21 JAE-GT ready to run.
  15. dave roach


    Looking for front and rear case gaskets for a OPS 65.What do you have. Dave Roach
  16. dave roach

    Engines For Sale

    I have some engines for sale all in great shape with good pinch at the top and smooth bearings. 1. Nova Rossi 21 Outboard Power Head $225.00 + Shipping US Only 2. Nova Rossi 21 DD Inboard $275.00 + Shipping US Only Sold 3. Mac 21 Inboard $275.00 + Shipping US Only Sold PayPal Only Send As...
  17. dave roach

    Martin Truex

    Martin Truex you have a PM Dave Roach
  18. dave roach


    Jim Davies a long time member of the Dayton Rc boat club pass way yesterday.Jim you will be missed. Dave Roach
  19. dave roach


    I am looking for a CMB 45 HR case and head button in good shape What do you have. Thanks Dave
  20. dave roach

    for sale zoom carb

    I have three new Zoom Carb for sale.Carb 1 for a 21 beta,Carb 2 for a 21 Nova Rossi,Carb 3 for a 21 Nova Rossi.$100.00 each plus shipping in the US only.Paypal add 3% on all sales Dave Roach