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  1. J

    LF .40 Seaducer

    I have a Bunch of Seaducer 45 boats in any color you want.
  2. J

    WTB AA 21 nitro pipe

    I have a few new ones Send me a text 954 326 7613 or email me
  3. J

    Seaducer 90 mono

    You would have to get new motor mount rails and redo the stuffing tube to put a Vac 91 in that boat, You might get away with just cutting the tube shorter. The RS motors are wider and shorter then the Vac, Plus the mounting holes for the motor are so close you can not re drill the motor...
  4. J

    Seaducer Setup

    I will look to see if I have the set up Directions for that boat still Give me a day or so.
  5. J

    Seaducer Setup

    That Seaducer is at least 30 years old. I can tell because it has the press on letters. Man did I hate putting those on. Many people tried to run that boat surface drive. But it will not work. Actually that hull will run faster sub surface then surface drive. They ran great back in the day...
  6. J

    Aeromarine Issues..

    I called them last Monday and placed a order. The order showed up today. I never have any issues with them.
  7. J

    Hull Identification Help Needed

    That's a copy of the original 20 Seaducer. . That poor boat was copied by more people then even I know of.
  8. J

    Looking for Non-muffled Nova .21 pipe

    Its on the way.
  9. J

    Looking for Non-muffled Nova .21 pipe

    I have new ones in stock Jerry
  10. J

    Seaducer 33 inch 20 mono ARTR

    I can always make more.. They are just in liquid form right now.
  11. J

    Seaducer 33 inch 20 mono ARTR

    I will get them sent out in the next day or so Thanks Jerry
  12. J

    Seaducer 33 inch 20 mono ARTR

    I have two ARTR 33 inch 20 mono's Both have the hardware installed with the fuel tanks. Drive lines are also in. Purple Boat set up for a Nova DD 21. Orange Boat is set up for a Beta with the special motor mount, But you could put a Nova 21 in the orange boat with no problem as the bolt...
  13. J

    Seaducer 20 mono

    I built a OB mono and raced it at the 2000 Nat's in LA. I smashed the 6 lap oval record with it. Boat ran very well. I used a X 440 3 blade that I modded pretty good. I might still have the prop. Sold the boat at the nat's to a guy that only ran OB monos. I forget his name.
  14. J

    Seaducer 20 mono

    Carl The older boats liked the 440 3 blades the best.
  15. J

    Seaducer 20 mono

    That was my old boat It has to be at least 15 years old in not older. I raced it for awhile then sold it to Mike He had if for a few years and I re did the radio box for him. Then I heard Curtis got most of Mike's stuff to sell it off. That's all I know.
  16. J

    Seaducer 45 inch

    FYI that's a 44 inch boat.
  17. J

    LF - 42 seaducer sprint mono

    I have lots of them in all kinds of colors. Jerry
  18. J

    Seaducer Boats Web

    I do not have any in stock. I make them to order. You can text me to order or you can go threw the web site. The rudders are $50 and the struts are $32 954 326 7613
  19. J

    Seaducer 60/80 Mono

    New White Top Black Bottom Seaducer 60/80 mono in Kevlar $240 Plus shipping. Normally $340 You can Text Me 954 326 7613 or call Rose 954 493 7387 or email but please don't PM me Thanks Jerry
  20. J

    Seaducer Boats Web

    I have the New Seaducer Boats web site up. I am still adding more stuff weekly. You can order boats and all the parts to build them.