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  1. RichJones

    School me on pipes

    Hey guys me again. Learning as I go. The Backlash got wet yesterday and showed promise but as always there were some issues that arose. One issue was destroying exhaust o rings pretty much every time out. I have the Gizmo Stainless Steel Hot Pipe and previously had some questions on the...
  2. RichJones

    Throttle Setup Zenoah G260 WT-257 carb

    When looking into the carb, how far open would the throttle servo need to hold the butterfly open for idling? I’m assuming it needs to be open so correct me if I’m wrong. I’m only used to nitro where you would see a little elliptical opening for idling.
  3. RichJones

    Gas Bag Plumbing

    So I have some Gizmo Bags, a 500ml or two and a couple 250ml bags. These bags have two outlets. I plan on only using one, plumbing that to a tee with one leg going to the carb and the other as a filler valve. I don’t have the standard IV bag plugs on these. What’s a good way to seal these off?
  4. RichJones

    Gizmo Hot Pipe Header and No Leak Manifold Connection Question

    I swiped the attached pics from another forum to show the header and the manifold. I know with a standard slip fit pipe/flange connection, an O Ring goes to either side of the header flange. With my header, there’s no way to get an o ring between the collar that attaches to the manifold and the...
  5. RichJones

    Backlash Painting Complete

    So I was able to get the clear coat (Spraymax 2k Glamour) applied this week. I set up my EZ-Up canopy with walls which attach with zippers and Velcro. It REALLY helped with the wind. ( Bugs too until evening where I got a couple that I had to get out with some tape carefully probed around until...
  6. RichJones


    New to gas. Before installing a Zenoah or other model of gas engine, is it necessary to use Loctite? I always used it on nitro motors ( not the head screws but most any other going into the case, motor mount screws, etc... Just curious while the motor is still out of the boat.
  7. RichJones

    Painting over vinyl

    So I’m about to shoot clear on my boat and I used a vinyl decal for the windshield on the cowl. It’s rather shiny and I’m concerned about adhesion. I’ve read a couple schools of thought. 1.) spray a light mist over it and let it flash. Then paint the cowl with normal passes. 2.). Hit it with...
  8. RichJones

    Backlash Fiberglass Cowl

    I have to say I’m super impressed with the fiberglass work on the cowl that the Blazers offer for the Backlash. I had to put filler in 3 small spots and one was my fault. The rest was really smooth. I’ve had fiberglass work in the past that required a lot more work. Whoever Bob is using to...
  9. RichJones

    Wood Hull Sealing Question

    Just looking for some opinions. What I’ve done is coat the hull with Mas Slow Setting Epoxy. No thinning. I coated, waited 10-15 min, then wiped off the excess. I let it cure and scraped with a razor blade. I then coated it again, let it cure and scraped with a razor blade and lightly hit it...
  10. RichJones

    Polshing Spraymax 2k

    I am using Spraymax 2k over natural wood (sealed with epoxy) and some Rustoleum 2x for trim and cowl on a gas sport hydro I’m doing. For those that have used this paint, do you find it’s necessary to polish it? If so, what methods do you use? I want it to look nice but my attempts to polish...
  11. RichJones

    Walbro 257 Carb Fuel Inlet Position

    I‘m in the process of installing the motor in my Backlash Gen3 so I can line up and install the shaft log. I have cut about as much clearance as I can in the engine well side without going all the way down to the deck and it still seems like the fuel line connection will be challenging. I...
  12. RichJones

    Always Dread this part...

    Decks on the Backlash Gen.3 today. I have to say the MAS slow formula is nice to work with. It gave me plenty of time to do both decks at the same time, per Bob Blazer’s method. I thickened what I put on the frames with Colloidial Silica to make it less runny. I used straight up unthickened...
  13. RichJones

    Turbo Allison Dummy Engine Specs

    Hey everyone: What should the specs be as far as length, width, height in 1/8 scale? I looked up the size of a V-1710 and it says 86” in length. So if I divide that by 8, I get around 10” which would seem really large. How big would the valve covers be in 1/8 scale? Now granted the length...
  14. RichJones

    Futaba R334SBS antenna

    This may be a question for Grim but I’ll put it out there for everyone. I’m sure this has been covered before but I can’t find the answer I’m looking for. I have the 7 PXR radio and 3 of the R334SBS receivers. The antenna length is not what I was used to back in 2000 or so when I had my 3PJ...
  15. RichJones

    Hull Twist- Backlash

    I put the the main bottom on my Backlash hull the other night and when I unclamped it, there is a 1/4 in twist. If you are viewing from the transom, the right side lifts up about 1/4 in. When you push it down the right sponson lifts up as the boat flattens out. I think the issue stems from...
  16. RichJones

    ISO Carbon Fiber Cowl for Backlash

    I’m looking for a cowling for the Backlash done up in straight resin/carbon fiber where the cloth pattern is visible. No gel coat. Anyone have one or know who makes/sells them? Thanks! Rich
  17. RichJones

    Servo And Battery Questions

    Hi all. I’ve been out of the hobby for 20 years and getting the bug again. So I’ll be buying some new radio gear, etc... I’m going to build a Blazer Backlash to begin with. Realistically, how much torque is needed to turn a boat like this? I see these Savox servos with like 400 oz in of...