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  1. ggeiselman

    Celina Summer Challenge

    The Celina Summer Challenge will be held August 28 & 29, 2021. It is available to enter on the first boat fee is $25.00 and each additional boat is $15.00. You will receive a race t-shirt with you entry, please email your size to if you want additional...
  2. ggeiselman

    Celina Summer Challenge CANCELLED

    Celina has been cancelled. I will be doing refunds in the next few days. If you paid by paypal the refund will be by paypal. If you sent a check, I will send a check back to you. Maybe next year will be better I hope! Thanks Garry
  3. ggeiselman

    Celina Summer Challenge

    The name of the race this year is appropriate, it has been a challenge to find a weekend that works with the motels. But we have a date that works! August 22 & 23, 2020 . I will be getting it up on Racemasters tomorrow. I will have motel information very soon. If you choose the mail in...
  4. ggeiselman

    Celina Summer Challenge

    The dates for the Celina Summer Challenge XXVIII are July 13 & 14, 2019. You can now enter on RaceMastersEvents . You can select to pay via paypal or mail in a check, but please register on Motel information to follow when I have the rates.
  5. ggeiselman

    1986 U-100 Boat

    I am looking for a picture of the 1986 U-100 "The Boat" picture. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. ggeiselman

    Vision 3.5 Nova Rossi complete minus receiver

    Vision 3.5 with Nova Rossi Keep, Salisbury Pipe, Orlic .340 carb, KRE & OS needle, Proboat Cowl (needs minor repair), Also original vision cowl & radio box, all servos, Lawless Lower, Captain Vic Hi Jacker Mount, Shaft Oiler. $675.00 Shipped Lower 48 1st I'll take it. Boat is a very good...
  7. ggeiselman

    WoodStuff 36

    WoodStuff 36inch Tunnel, has Tanks 2 U Fuel tank, radio box with servos, carbon fiber steering rods. $250.00 Shipped Lower 48.
  8. ggeiselman

    Nova Rossi 46 OB Complete

    Nova Rossi 46 outboard, Lawless lower, Orlic carb, True Equi Pipe, Clamp on header, Shaft Oiler & Spare Parts. $525.00 shipped Lower 48 1st I’ll take it gets it.
  9. ggeiselman

    Orlic .378 Nova Rossi 21 Carb

    Orlic Nova Rossi .378 carb in excellent condition for a 21 engine. $90.00 Shipped lower 48. 1st I'll take it gets it. Neck size: .590 Opening: .3776
  10. ggeiselman

    Orlic 48 Nova Rossi carb

  11. ggeiselman

    Orlic .350 Nova Rossi carb

    Orlic Nova Rossi .350 carb in excellent condition for a 21 engine. $90.00 Shipped lower 48. 1st I'll take it gets it.
  12. ggeiselman

    Futaba 4PK, Case, and 13 receivers

    Futaba 4PK Super, 7 R603FS receivers, 4 R603FF receivers, 1 R604FS receiver, 1 R614FF receiver, Futaba 4PK case, and 2100mah Life Battery. Everything works good, the radio case is broke at the battery door (as seen in the picture) this does not affect the radio the door does stay in place...
  13. ggeiselman

    3.5 Hawk Hydro

    3.5 Hawk Hydro: Nova Rossi engine in very good condition only a handful of tanks on new bearings. Extra brand new Nova Rossi sleeve, piston, and rod. OPS pipe, Zoom Carb. Extra set of front sponsons. The only thing it needs is a needle, and the carb hooked up. $550.00 shipped lower 48.
  14. ggeiselman

    Techno Power 3.5 OB power head

    Techno Power 3.5 OB power head. It has about less than a 1/4 of gallon of fuel thru it. It uses a STD Plug. It has a K&B PTO on it, but I may have the OS PTO for if you need it. (no carb). $150.00 Shipped to the lower 48.
  15. ggeiselman

    Phil Thomas Sport 20

    Phil Thomas Sport 20 complete just add receiver. Extra cowling, Nova Rossi, 3rd channel needle. I can get more pictures if needed. $300.00 plus shipping.
  16. ggeiselman

    Woodstuff 32" Tunnel Hull

    Woodstuff 32" Tunnel Hull brand new never drilled. Hull weighs 2 pounds 14 ounces. $275.00 shipped (lower 48).
  17. ggeiselman

    Futaba 4PK with case and 3 receivers

    Futaba 4PK, 4PK case, (2) R603FS receivers, and (1) R603FF receiver. Radio is showing 41 hours on it. $350.00 shipped (lower 48).
  18. ggeiselman

    Steve Ball

    Congratulations to the newest IMPBA Hall of Fame member Steve Ball. Well deserved!!!!
  19. ggeiselman

    4 x 8 Trailer

    4 x 8 Trailer for sale. Inside dimensions 3' feet 9" high x 3' 10" wide x 7' 8" long. The shelves in the trailer are 5' 11" long x 16" wide. The trailer has 2 18 amp hour batteries to power the LED lights. The wheels and tires are 14", tires were new in 2015. There is a generator plug in...
  20. ggeiselman

    Happy Birthday Dave Grote!

    Hope it's a good one!