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  1. Mark Simmons

    What prop front OS Outboard water cooled

    What prop on an OS Outboard water cooled on the back of an Top Speed 3 thank you in advance Mark
  2. Mark Simmons

    What prop for an OS outboard

    What prop for a Top Speed 3 with an OS outboard on the back water cooled
  3. Mark Simmons

    OS prop `nut

    What size is the prop nut thread pitch and size thank you in advance mark
  4. Mark Simmons

    OS outboard

    What glow plug to run in it I'm 60% VP fuel water cooled
  5. Mark Simmons

    How to get stickers off without damaging fiberglass

    How to take stickers off fiberglass going to repaint thank you in advance
  6. Mark Simmons

    Setting head clearance

    Any advice or assistance for setting the head clearance on a CMB purple head? It seems I need some adult supervision. Thanks. Mark
  7. Mark Simmons

    Who makes head buttons

    In need of a head button for 45 purple head CMB thank you Mark
  8. Mark Simmons

    Who makes head buttons

    In need of a head button for a purple head 45 cmb. Thank you Mark
  9. Mark Simmons

    Square flex cable

    Looking for a source to get Square flex cable. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Mark Simmons

    What's your favorite mix for Flex cable

    What potions do you like use for Flex cable 4 outboard thanks in advance mark
  11. Mark Simmons

    Want to buy a hijacker 75 motor mount

    Anyone have a 7-5 hijacker motor mount they want to sell
  12. Mark Simmons

    Top Speed 3 for sale

    Top Speed 3 (used). Modified tank tray. Bottom is blueprinted. Transom is not drilled. New paint on hull. Cowling good, but you may opt to clean it up some. Includes unfinished radio box. $120 firm plus shipping & PayPal fees if applicable. Ask questions here.
  13. Mark Simmons

    For sale: Sherman 7.5

    For sale - Sherman 7.5 37.75" long x 13.5" wide Left sponson has light scratches. A few other spots of race wear as shown in images. 2 radio boxes Custom wood stand Orange is paint. Silver is vinyl. Ask questions here. $200 firm plus shipping cost
  14. Mark Simmons


    Anyone have good contact info for zippkits? The email address I have must not be good because I'm no longer getting replies. Thanks.
  15. Mark Simmons

    What are you using your Novarossi to clean it out

    What do you use to clean out your nova Rossi and what kind of after run oil are you using.  thanks
  16. Mark Simmons

    Hitec Atom 3

    Selling lot of 5 hitec atom 3 receivers. 2 new, 3 used. $150 plus shipping. 
  17. Mark Simmons

    Nova Rossi 12

    Nova Rossi T12LT5MP - New, never had fuel in it. $120 includes US shipping. 
  18. Mark Simmons

    Pipe for 12

    NEW Pipe for a 12. Don't recall the brand. $30 includes US shipping.  
  19. Mark Simmons

    Sullivan starter

    Sullivan starter with handle - not a speesmaster.  $120 includes US shipping. Price firm. Too much torque for me.
  20. Mark Simmons

    AA45 conversions

    Has anyone converted an AA45 to outboard?