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    WTB: Futaba SBS 01G GPS telemetry sensor

    Anybody have one they no longer and want to part with?
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    WTB: Flow Meter

    Anybody have a flow meter they are looking to sell? Gen IV Boris or K&D ideally, but will consider all, even propane. Thanks!
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    OS R5 Glow Plugs

    SOLD 17 NIP OS R5 Glowplugs $90 shipped Continental US
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    5mm threaded to .187 flex cable collet.

    Broke the one on my daughter's miss vegas RTR, and have had zero luck finding a replacement. Does anyone have any to spare, or know where to get mine hands on one or two? Have tried OSE, Octura, Ebay, and Amazon... Thanks!
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    RTR Prop

    Had some issues over the weekend. Miss Vegas is getting a bit or a rework, and upgrading to a .187 flex shaft and collet. Anyone have a recommendation for a prop for it? Was given an Octura x637 to try out on it when put back together.